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Every valuable class led to Jenna Webb’s ’22 pursuit of microbiology Ph.D.

College: Agriculture and Life Sciences
Major: Biology, with a concentration in microbiology
Hometown: Fresno, California

Jenna Webb ’22 says every class she took at Cornell taught her something valuable, from life skills to academic and professional skills. Those experiences and the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research have led her to pursue a microbiology Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Cornell has provided me with wonderful undergraduate research opportunities that helped give me experience both at the lab bench and at the presenter podium,” Webb says. Mentorship has also been a crucial factor, as her mentors encouraged her to tackle graduate study. “They also all gave me unique perspectives and advice on how to apply, how to make a decision on which program to accept and general guidance on transitioning to graduate school.’

A fellowship with the Cornell Institute for Host-Microbe Interactions and Disease (CIHMID) proved influential. She enjoyed doing research, preparing for a symposium and going to professional development activities.

“Altogether, it helped confirm that applying to grad school was a good decision,” Webb says.

Webb says she will miss how easy it is to find a natural and remote part of campus and she looks forward to coming back to Ithaca in the coming years.

“I think Cornell is the only school where I can walk down a gorge trail on my way home after class,” Webb says.

Cornell’s Class of 2022 has a great deal to be proud of: They have worked hard to forge their futures and make their mark, all the while finding success and demonstrating great resolve through a host of challenges, including the historic adversity of pursing their degrees during a pandemic.

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Written by Jesse Osbourne
Strategic Communications at Cornell University



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