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An alumnus of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, John Hui, MBA ’15, co-founded Twiage in 2015.

John Hui, MBA ’15, is improving communication and safety for COVID-19 first responders

On a visit to China in late January, John Hui, MBA ’15, witnessed the rapid onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. The co-founder of Twiage, a health care IT company based in New York City, Hui began looking for technology solutions to mitigate the mounting public health crisis. Twiage’s mobile software allows emergency responders to transmit patient information to hospitals in real time, accelerating life-saving care. His team sought to enhance its pre-hospital triage system in order to help hospitals and emergency services to communicate better during the pandemic.

“This experience has shown how vulnerable our health care systems are. My team is determined to help improve the way hospitals and EMS communicate and provide life-saving emergency care.”

Twiage’s pre-hospital triage system, shown above, now includes an Isolation module for potential COVID-19 cases.

Twiage’s COVID-19 module enables EMS professionals to alert emergency room staff of incoming patients whom they believe to have the virus. This gives hospitals more time to prepare proper isolation and reduces the risk of exposure to hospital staff and other patients. To date, the tool has been used to coordinate care for more than 1,400 suspected COVID-19 patients by 48 hospitals in 12 states.



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