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Leadership positions helped Simone Lee ’22 earn a research fellowship at NIH

College: Human Ecology
Major: Human biology, health, and society
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Sometimes it’s the experiences you have outside the classroom that set you on your path. For Simone Lee ’22, her extracurricular leadership positions helped her recognize her interests in healthcare, and after Commencement she will become a post-baccalaureate research fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through its intramural research training award program.

“My time as president of the Association for Students of Color in Human Ecology and co-president of the Cornell Center for Health Equity Undergraduate Chapter definitely led to my interests in healthcare, public health and helping marginalized communities, which inspired me to pursue the career path that I am currently on,” Lee says.

Resources such as the Pre-Professional Programs (P3) through the Organization for Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) have served Lee well, she says, as has the guidance from Verdene Lee in Human Ecology’s Office of Student & Career Development.

“These resources and amazing staff have been so helpful throughout my college journey and I would not have achieved this without them,” Lee says.

The high-quality education from Cornell and her participation in the multitude of research opportunities accessible to students prepared her to pursue research full-time after graduation, she adds.

Lee says she has formed amazing friendships over the last four years and she’s excited to see where the future leads.

Cornell’s Class of 2022 has a great deal to be proud of: They have worked hard to forge their futures and make their mark, all the while finding success and demonstrating great resolve through a host of challenges, including the historic adversity of pursing their degrees during a pandemic.

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Written by Jesse Osbourne
Strategic Communications at Cornell University



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