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Why You Should Use React Native To Develop An MVP in 2021

Find out why React Native is perfect for your next MVP Project.

Arohi Adhyaru
May 2 · 5 min read
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Plucking the best javascript library snippets from Facebook to make the build highly functional mobile applications can define React Native very well in very few words.

React Native is such technology that works best with hybrid mobile technology.

Every Entrepreneur has this objective in his/her mind when building the mobile application or an MVP for their targeted audience, and that use to provide value through the smooth user experience.

If I take the example of the first Unicorn Startup that has implemented the idea of MVP we must have to talk about this one,

In the beginning, the idea was to connect the Harvard students through this MVP web application and then it got such a huge response the app has to be out for the public!

Yes, you guessed that right it was Facebook.

The point is the app was launched in just a month and they had started taking feedback from the users already, and the success is so huge of the app we all have witnessed already!

If we talk about React Native, it’s ideal for building cross-platform Feature-rich mobile applications, which is kind of similar to functionalities we see in any standard MVP.

Why connect MVP Development with React Native?

If you want to hit the core purpose of your targeted audience, MVP is the perfect spot to get started with.

Let me answer you, why…

MVP can be the quickest route to execute your idea into reality, as it focuses on the core value serving idea with the minimum time. It becomes convenient for the Entrepreneur to reach out to the targeted audience faster and most efficiently.

In other words, it is the fastest way to make sure your idea is working in a practical world with your niche market.

MVP can be beneficial to your project in various dimensions like,

  • Least development time
  • Improved Application Functions
  • Solid security
  • A profound comprehension of user expectation
  • Rapid Development
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Quick market entry

React Native allows you to build MVP in real-time with exceptional results, and This can be achievable in a most budget-friendly way.

Now you can understand why one of the most popular companies like Facebook, Pinterest, Shopify is built on React Native technology.

Let’s dig deeper and explore the reasons how React Native can be perfect as the protagonist in the MVPs story.

Effortless management:

React Native MVP development works best with the single code database. Therefore the constant management is quite manageable without making any excess efforts.

Moreover, React Natives cool debugging tools and cross-platform functionality save time after the application’s management.

Single and Reusable Codebase:

One of the best things about React Native is the React Native Developers don’t have to write code for separate operating systems.

One single code base can work in both iOS and Android. The most significant benefit of this functionality is you can target both the market simultaneously with the efforts of only one!

Who would not love to reach a wider audience with minimum efforts and resources that are needed to be spent?

The Cross-platform Hybrid Native Experience:

React Native offers multiple dynamic components and provides a Native experience with the combination of Hybrid app builders. The end-user can engage with the seamless user experience without even noticing if the app is built on a Hybrid app or the Native one.

In a nutshell, React Native plays the part of a bridge between Native and Hybrid application experience to the users.

Hot Reloading:

Undoubtedly, React Native possesses this excellent Hot Reloading feature. Any changes or modifications done by the React Native Developer have been reflected in the moments to the output.

Therefore, it becomes easier to get the testing done and the trial period is done, which simply means, again, less timing we need to get our application to the market!

Supporting third-party plugins and Numerous libraries:

The Developers has the luxury of a vast choice to pick the library suitable to their needs as React Native can support multiple libraries and third-party plugins.

Few popular ones come to my mind; there will be Firebase SDK, Google Maps, Facebook SDK.

React Native is considered a cutting edge technology that can even enable any senior Developer to create his own custom library that can be useful for your web application.

These were some prominent factors that I have elaborated on; however, there are some subtle yet significant benefits that can definitely improve the performance of your MVP Project. For instance,

  • Preloaded elements
  • Adaptability through any changes
  • Open-source community support
  • Profound UX/UI

To conclude, To make your digital assets, especially in such case MVP more robust and extensive, React Native can turn out just the perfect option you are looking for to adopt.

Not just the technicality and the resources wise, but your time and energy are worthwhile spent after this technology and, of course, with the proven results.

In my opinion, if you are planning to build an extensive scale application that contains an enormous amount of data and the constant requirement of maintaining it simultaneously, You should indeed take the help of senior developers and Hire React Native Developers from any globally renowned Expert Development Company.

This way, you, indeed, can utilize the best out of this unique technology for your MVP project!

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We welcome all content focused around technology and startups. We want you to have a voice to share your content to the masses.

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