Corona In the Wild
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Corona In the Wild

Friday the Bullish 27th, of March

Infections will increase and economic aid will keep some of us floating.

Just keep swimming, just keep …

The Daily Ramble

Lots of economic relief is scheduled and has been discussed by the G20 over video! Who needs to come together anymore?

Airlines have been given nearly 60 billion in aid. Pretty much all large and some small businesses are going to receive economic aid in some form. Might be tax credits or delaying the day taxes are due.

The USA now has officially more cases than China’s got, congratulations! It will likely only get worse, it would be a good to time to figure out the numbers of caskets that are left before production needs to be ramped up. Also, would be a good time to look into how mortuaries function. Deadly profits.

The prison system is going to be responsible for a lot of infections, like being the cause of the massive number of male rapes, it is now the cause of a pandemic related deaths. Odds are the way prisons are run will change, while the management won’t practices and regulations may become a tad more strict. Thought, unfortunately, they may not.

India’s going crazy just like the US and we will likely see a stark increase in numbers of infected and a decrease in their exports, due to the fact that they cannot test much of the population which may cause mild but functional distrust. Good time to short pickles.

The WHO is now trying to use “modern” approaches to help fight disinformation, they’ve created a WhatsApp bot that answers common question, this will likely help in South American parts of the world as well as potentially Africa. North America will not use the service.

A little give and take you know :)

What should you think about maybe doing?

Airlines, disproportionately got their own grants from the US government so I mean, pick a behemoth that other smaller airlines might merge into.

Look into mortuaries and figure out where they get wood from, pick a publicly traded company.

Figure out what’s made in India and short, or, just try to mitigate risk based on what you’ve got in your portfolio.

Look into the telecom battle and prepare to see internet as a utility which might mean that the behemoths might change their strategies soon.

I am just a B.Sc. student. Do not trust my opinion, this was written for entertainment purposes only this is NOT investment advice. It is MY OPINION. Yup.




Daily run down of world wide news and a guess as to what will happen tomorrow

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