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Coronathon India -Demo Day 3 Projects & Conclusion

We just concluded Coronathon on Sunday, April 19, 2020, with our Demo Day 3. Read about Demo Day 1 and Demo Day 2, if you haven’t. Over the past four weeks, Coronathon India had become a way of life for us. It enabled us to channelize our emotions, fears and burning desire to do something about Covid-19 constructively. We are super stoked about the rich community of doers it has created and valuable friendships it spun.

This experience allowed us to see the pandemic through so many diverse lenses. Teams picked different problem areas to tackle and had fresh takes on what the solution could look like. That deepened our understanding of the pertinent issues faced by various socio-economic segments, medical practitioners, government officials and enforcement teams etc.

As a result, a rich repertoire of solutions was generated that we hope can go on to create the desired impact.

2904 volunteers, 3 Demo Days, 100+ projects in ideation, 42 demoed projects = millions of user interactions and lives touched.

It’s incredible that it all started with one tweet.

Here’s a slide deck put together by Paras, our co-organizer, reflecting on the impact of Coronathon:

Demo Day 3 was attended by hundreds including our esteemed panelists, government officials, VCs and activist organizations.

A quick lowdown on Demo Day 3 Projects

Project 1. Covid Analytics

The team is building an analytical dashboard for Covid-19 that leverages predictive analytics. The project aims to provide general public, healthcare system and public administration with actionable insights, enabling swift decision making.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Vijay Sharma (

2. Corona Gloves

Sankha Dey has designed special gloves that wet its contact surface with alcohol every few mins to help disinfect. Think Spiderman, but with gloves releasing alcohol on its surface.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Sankha Dey (

3. Whrrl e-pass

The current e-pass systems are geared towards single applicants and people comfortable with technology. Whrrl e-pass is an Aadhar enabled bulk e-pass system for agri/casual/NGO labor which can be requested by employer and approved by authorities online.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Ashish Anand(, Abhishek Bhattacharya(

4. QuaranTime

It makes home quarantine simpler through a wide range of relevant utilities for citizens, hospital staff, police and government authorities. For instance, utilities include SOS call (for citizens), management of a Covid Patient(for medical staff), quarantine breach alert(for police), area wise reports(for authorities) etc.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Parth Maniar, Anshul Saxena (, Divyani

5. How are you today

It is a tool for conducting automated surveys, through IVR & Whatsapp, to collect symptoms related data. Government authorities can use the tool around hotspots to conduct a daily check on senior age groups. Data gathered can also be used to generate street level risk score.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Naval Saini(, Nakul Verma(

6. SEVN — A Volunteer Network

NGOs have been struggling to manage huge influx of volunteers and track help requests they have been receiving. SEVN is an app that aims to address these issues and provide useful features to enable NGOs to efficiently manage the volunteer network.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Adarsh Hasija (, Mohammed Hidhayat-ullah

7. Covid Research & IP

It is an initiative to accelerate research & product development efforts around the Covid-19 pandemic. It enables people to crowd-source a ‘challenge’ or outsource projects to expert catalysts, refer explainer video. It is focusing on drug discovery & therapy, medical devices & equipment besides other value-added innovation.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Prathamesh Gosavi(, Kumar Anshu ( and team

8. Covid-19 Twitter Dashboard

The dashboard pulls and shows categorized twitter feed data around Covid-19 to enable real-time insights.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Jino Jossy (

9. MedSec

MedSec is a scalable quarantine management solution with real-time protocols, harnessing the power of geo-location, cloud computing, data analytics and crowd-sourcing to contain the spread of the Corona virus.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Saurav Raaj(

10. Robo Mak

Building light weight robots to assist healthcare staff in collecting samples for testing. It ensures safety of healthcare professionals via remote sample collection thereby preventing the transmission of virus.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Dr. Venkata Sudheer Makam(

Updates on Projects Demoed earlier

  • C19 :Helping contact trace 24,000 suspected COVID-19 cases (
  • CoronaTracker :Helped 3.8 million+ users access verified COVID-19 information (
  • CovidSOS :Onboarded 650 volunteers, aided 400+ senior citizens (
  • CovidPPE & Covid Supply:Enabled the delivery of 50,000 PPEs (
  • Covidmaps :Facilitated 60,000 users to access essential services (
  • CovidMeghalaya :Enabled Govt of Meghalaya to coordinate their COVID response (
  • Covid FYI :Provide pan-India COVID-19 information in an easily accessible way (

Concluding Coronathon

We have concluded Coronathon but our projects would go on. A message from Paras, our co-organiser, summarizes how we feel about it, “We hope many of these projects will continue to make a substantial impact and each one of us will continue to do whatever we can, in our individual and collective capacity, to help minimize the impact of Covid-19 on India and the world.”

We are grateful to our partners and panelists for their guidance and support. It could not have been possible without them.

Stay safe and connected.



2500+ people from India’s tech, business and healthcare community came together in March-April 2020 to build projects to help minimize COVID-19’s impact on India. Read what they built.

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