Coronathon India’s first demo day has 18 projects to help fight COVID-19

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10 min readMar 31, 2020


In its first-ever Demo Day, Coronathon hosted 18 projects which were presented to more than 300 viewers.

Each project addressed different issues faced by people during the COVID-19 pandemic and how their technology can solve those issues.

The projects were showcased to a noteworthy panel comprising of healthcare experts, government representatives and venture capitalists. Panelists included Shiva Chinnasamy (Director of Engineering, Google Pay), Avinash Raghava (Community Platform Evangelist, Accel Partners), Pranay Patil (Innovation Unit, National Health Authority), Alok Mittal (CEO of Indifi & Founding Member of Angel Network) and Dr. Biju Jacob (India Director, UN Healthcare Innovation Exchange).

For those who missed out on the first Demo Day, we have recorded the live session. Check that out from below.

We had 18 projects in the following categories and you can go through the summary of all projects as below.

  • Essential Services
  • Hospital Services
  • Bots
  • Social Distancing
  • Covid19 Diagnostics/Treatment
  • Helpline
  • Information
  • Economic Impact
  • Contact Tracing
  • COVID-19 Tracker

As you go through the list of projects and watch their pitches, please take special note of their asks from the community. If you can help any project, please get in touch with them directly (contact details are given along with the project).

Category: Essential Services

1. SafeSlot

Giving a kickstart to Coronathon’s first Demo Day, Safeslot addressed the problem of waiting lines or overcrowding of places providing essential services like groceries or medicines. Safeslot, through its app, plans to help people book a time slot to their nearby grocery or medical shop and thereby making sure that such places do not get overcrowded.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch| Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Akshay Nagpal (, Shubham Jain (

2. Hospital Availability Tracker

With so many getting infected with the virus, it will become difficult to know which hospitals in near vicinity have facilities available and are not full. Using community-driven info and a fairly simple interface of Google Maps, this tracker will help the ill ones to find the hospital to go to.

Watch their 5 min Pitch| Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Ankit Jain (, Prerna Bagga (, Pranesh Nagarajan (

Category: Hospital Services

3. PanMan

PanMan’s goal is to build products that can help Healthcare professionals, Hospitals and Governments manage the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of it’s first Demo Day, they presented an app that hospital administrators can use to keep a live track of all the COVID19 patients and manage medical supplies and critical equipment like masks and ventilators.

They are currently building ‘PanMan-Gov’ — a dashboard for city/state governments to track, manage and contain COVID19 spread.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch| Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Vybhav Ramachandran (

4. COVID-19 PPE Tracker

The ratio of available doctors to patients in India is 1 in thousands. Healthcare workers life is at risk due to the scarcity of minimum PPE required to attend COVID-19 patients. To address this issue, COVID-19 PPE Tracker provides a common platform for the requirement and availability information of PPE which are already in stock in college or industries but due to lockdown mode are not being used.

Project Demo | Watch their 5 min Pitch| Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Bhavya Jyothi (, Shinjan Mitra (

Category: Bots

5. Corona Daily Updates

In India, it is hard for the older generation and rural communities to find and access the official corona update dashboards online. Corona Daily Updates project is solving that problem by helping people to opt-in for receiving daily WhatsApp messages on overall and new cases in their district/state.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch| Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Sandeep Gangarapu (, Aaron (, Pranesh Nagarajan (

6. Corona stats slack bot

Corona_stats is a live updates status checker for professionals using slack. You can install and run this bot in your slack using a few simple commands and get stats for any given country/region or worldwide. Check out the live project from below.

Live Project | Watch their 5 min Pitch| Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Chandan Rai (, Vishant Agarwal (

Category: Social Distancing

7. SoloCoin

SoloCoin rewards people who actively engage in social-distancing. It’s basically a point tracking app that rewards users based on their proximity/location to their home. A user can, later on, redeem those points on platforms like Amazon, Swiggy, Medicines, etc. They also have leaderboards to compete with their peers. The app is yet in its early stages.

Please Note: SoloCoin was previously called CoronaGo

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch| Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Arbob Mehmood (, Adesh Bhansali (

8. Stay@Home

This is yet another creative project on Social Distancing. It promotes self lockdown and draws a Lakshman Rekha (boundary) around a person. If he/she gets out of the boundary, them as well as their chosen friends and relatives get the alert. It’s not only a fun way to practice social distancing but also helps in our need of the hour.

Watch their 5 min Pitch

Project Owners: Abhishek Batra (, Sanyam Jain

Category: Covid19 Diagnostics/Treatment

9. 3D-Connect

This project is an app that can help hospitals or governments connect with reliable 3D printer manufacturers for their requirements to fight COVID-19. In fact, the project partner Imaginarium is one of the largest 3D printing company in India and has already built prototypes of products that can be manufactured at scale to fight the novel coronavirus.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Vishal Ramrakhyani (, Tanmay Shah (

10. XRay Karona

Xray, Corona, Pneumonia,, Coronathon, Chest Xrays, Demo Day

Given the rise in the number of positive cases of COVID19, there is a huge demand for testing kits. However, they are a scarce resource and delayed testing only fuels the spread. There is an urgent need for an alternate way to detect corona positive cases. XRay Karona aims to provide the alternate solution through an XRay scan of your chest. The idea was discovered when the project owners realized that chest x-rays are conducted when a person shows symptoms of pneumonia.

Project Demo | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Justin Mathew (, Ankit Arora (

Category: Helpline


For senior citizens, specially-abled and economically weak people, it is hard to get things that are essential to survive. COVID SOS is trying to help such people by bridging the gap between the volunteers in the neighborhood (500m or so) and them. This way the volunteers and the people in need would be able to connect without breaking the lockdown protocols. They are working with the admins of WhatApp and Facebook Volunteer communities to enable them to connect with people in need.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Siddarth Jain (, Chirag Bansal (

12. Locked But Not Alone

A project to help people with mental health issues due to COVID-19 isolation. It’s basically a helpline service that leads people with psychological trauma to positivity and helps them realize their inner strength. On the frontline, this is being run by volunteers and backed by a team of expert psychologists.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Helpline Number: +911141187655

Project Owner: Gagandeep Singh (

Category: Information


Covid-FYI provides the right information from the right sources to the right people. It aims to be a One-app-for-all Covid19 related information. It’s an app that helps people access a database of information, empowering them to reach labs, tele-consult doctors, get help from government all within the comfort of their home. With location tagging, you can check hyper-local information near you.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Simran Soni (

Category: Economic Impact

14. Pagaar

Provide your employees a healthy financial life amid the coronavirus outbreak. Pagaar enables employees to access a portion of their earned salary without altering the employer’s cash flow. It is accessible to employers at zero cost.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Tushar Khattar (

Category: Contact Tracing

15. C19: Privacy Amidst Covid19

Project owners along with researchers from the University of Oxford, University Maryland Zurich ETH have developed a set of encryption protocols that allows government and India Inc to collaborate in running effective contact tracing without compromising on public or patient privacy.

C19 is ensuring privacy amidst COVID-19. It is an application of Oblivious AI’s secure multi-party computation that helps in confirming if people have been within X meters of each other without exposing the party’s location, this is achieved without either the government or private companies having to reveal their underlying datasets.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Udit Garg (, Jack Fitzsimons (

16. SafeZone

This contact tracing app is a free app for tracking quarantined patients. The app checks the location at periodic intervals and asks the user to upload a selfie at random intervals, and then uses facial recognition to confirm the identity. This way, it can be ensured that a person who should be quarantined remains at his/her quarantine location.

The app can be made to install at airports, or in anyone’s phone who is suspected to be COVID positive.

Nice workaround for the government and police officials.

Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Manish Paul (

Category: COVID-19 Tracker

17. CoronaTracker + Covid19 Community

This project is aiming to build a platform to combat fake news and promote verified updates. This will help people to stay away from the chaos.

It also has another product in the same project that helps you to understand how far was the latest suspected case found. These stats and trends are verified and are taken from eminent sources.

Next, they are building a more hyperlocal and district level approach and a database for suspected cases of COVID-19

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Niket Kamat (, Shrey Keny (

18. Trackcovid-19

TrackCovid-19 is a crowdsourced symptom tracker and is a ZIP code based tracking to identify community hotspots of a possible outbreak. It uses the information gathered from people who might have shown some symptoms and identify the different points of the outbreak.

Website | Watch their 5 min Pitch | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Ajay Hegde ( , Abhilash Pradam (

Quite a show it was, this Sunday! The fight against COVID-19 is for real and We Are in This Together. In fact, a few projects have already gone live and have started creating an impact.

Here’s what our panelists said about Demo Day 1 at Coronathon.

I am pleased with how quickly teams came together to create products that ease the struggle against COVID-19. We are pressed against time for such solutions and need to get to high levels of adoption quickly. Consider a Covid Super App — bundle solutions from all teams into one app so that the user gets access to features from all the apps, creating a wider impact — Alok Mittal, CEO of Indifi & founding member of Indian Angel Network

Great efforts in such a short span of time. I am glad to see the community find solutions for a range of issues from social distancing to contact tracing. We are happy to extend our support to a few projects through our Health Innovation Exchange HIEx platform — Dr Biju Jacob — India Director, UN Healthcare Innovation Exchange

Overwhelming to see novel ideas come together to combat COVID-19. It’s a significant opportunity to see the private sector augment the efforts the government is putting in. Given the unprecedented situation, I urge teams to continue to think about sustainability and scalability of their solution so they can better leverage the ecosystem and partner with the government — Pranay Patil — Innovation Unit, National Health Authority (PM-JAY)

And that’s not all!

We will host our second Demo Day on Sunday, 5th April 2020, from 5 PM -7 PM, wherein we will have more projects coming in live, trying to make a dent in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

To book your spot for the second Demo Day, Register Here.

About Coronathon India

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