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Here are the 14 projects from Demo Day 2 of Coronathon India

On Sunday, 5th April, Coronathon hosted it’s second Demo Day with 14 projects. As a reminder,, is an online hackathon with 2700+ volunteers building projects to help fight COVID-19 in India.

The number of COVID-19 positive cases in India is increasing at an alarming rate and while governments are doing the best they can to contain the spread of the virus, people across India are building solutions that act as a helping hand in such unprecedented times. Coronathon India has brought such people together and is working closely with all the teams to create an impact in the fight against COVID-19.

Before we share the 14 projects with you, here are some highlights from the 18 teams that showcased their projects during Demo Day 1.

Demo Day 2 projects were viewed by hundreds of people, including representatives from healthcare industry, government, VCs and leading IT companies. As you go through the list of projects and watch their pitches, please take special note of their asks from the community. If you can help any project, please get in touch with them directly (contact details are given along with the project).

Watch the replay of the Coronathon Demo Day 2

Here are all the projects that demoed on 5th April 2020 along with their contact details.

1. QuizCorona

QuizCorona is a WhatsApp based chatbot for the general public to take quizzes that tests their knowledge on COVID-19 and rewards them for it, except all rewards go to PMCares Fund. In this way, everyone in the community gets to contribute and increase their awareness at the same time.

For each question answered, the bot pushes an explainer video that helps people learn and share corona related facts in their network. The quizzes and explainer content is created by doctors from Safdarjung hospital based on the information present on WHO, CDC, MOHFW, and ICMR websites.

For low-income groups who don’t have a smartphone, Quizcorona plans to come up with a phone-based IVR bot to take quizzes.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Nakul Verma (, Shubham Goel (

2. Covid19 — Fighting Fake News

This second project from the Demo Day 2 of Coronathon deals with fighting the menace of fake news related to COVID-19. Since misinformation/fake news is a bigger pandemic than CVOID-19, they aim to enable the general public to scrutinize every news that they come across, especially through channels like WhatsApp.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Mohammed Zeeshan Fatmi (, Arjun Raghunandan (

3. Janata Pass

For a country like India with its high population and population density, it is nearly impossible for the Government to stop people from moving out and break the norm of social-distancing for long. Janata Pass, in their project, proposes a mechanism to make sure people self-regulate with necessary guidance post the lockdown period in India.

When people see more individuals following a certain code of conduct, there will be a positive effect on society as well.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Ravi Manugarra (, Dushyanth Reddy (

4. Covid Maps

Covid Maps is a crowd-sourced app that helps you track the latest information on essential services operating around you during the COVID-19 shutdowns. The project already has hit 12k unique visitors since launch with a 20% retention rate. It has also received 350+ user submissions for the essential services till now.

Their primary focus is on Vancouver and Bangalore given the volunteer presence but they have also received entries from US, Poland and Brazil.

Project Demo | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Phani Kishan (, Amit (

5. Corona Warrior

There is a lot of panic and anxiety prevailing among the people in the wake of novel coronavirus pandemic. Corona Warrior, through its community engagement application, aims to curb this panic.

It tracks the everyday sanitization status of users as well as motivates them to exercise the 4 key necessary practices (hand wash, sanitizing your environment, self-quarantine and spending quality time with the family ) by awarding them with points. The user with the highest points will be declared as a Corona Warrior. The effort is to turn moments of isolation and depression into a fun engaging activity.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Abhishek Dutta (, Ankita das (

6. Covid Relief

Covid Relief is a crowdsourced directory that lists all donation drives and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic in India. As of now, it is a mobile-only listing site of donation drives, shelters, helplines, government resources and on-ground volunteers to help navigate the National Lockdown.

Website | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Naasha Mehta (,

7. Suspect Reporter

Project Suspect Report is an application aiming to detect COVID-19 affected subjects through crowd reporting. The application provides a platform to concerned citizens to report individuals in their vicinity, area or society, (or self) who has been exhibiting symptoms COVID-19 and hasn’t been brought to government and medical attention.

This application can be extended beyond the pandemic and can be used for crowdsourcing data of any kind. One can even use it for reporting any destructive social patterns (eve-teasing, sexual offenses, illegal trade) or medical emergencies (infectious diseases, unhygienic hotspots) in a geographical area. Thereby find practical utility in fields related to, but not limited to, law enforcement, crime reporting and medicine.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owner: Pradipta Sarma (


Until every single person who came in contact with a contaminated element knowingly or unknowingly is quarantined and treated, we will not be able to contain this pandemic. To fight this, is using an algorithm to map all the interactions and notify all the people who have COVID interaction up to the 3rd layer when a new case of COVID-19 is registered. They also plan to share this data with authorities and help them with geo-fencing to contaminate this pandemic.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Praneeth (, Jithin (

9. Covid Supply

Covid Supply is creating end-to-end local supply chain and inventory of essential protective gear for health professionals in each state. They work with manufacturers and hospitals to bridge the supply and demand. They are aiming to make medical supply chain middlemen free so that there is no scarcity of critical supplies for frontline healthcare professionals.

Website | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Ankit Raj (, Yugal Chittara (

10. Corona Community Help

A platform that inspires and enables people to become a Corona Fighter in their area. Local community members can help each other by sharing the required information of all the helping hands available in the vicinity. The platform also provides robust search functionality. Apart from that, their system has APIs that are exposed for SMS based help for basic phone users.

Website | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Debasish Bouri (, Avik Majumder (

11. COPE (COVID-19 Outbreak Prediction Engine)

COPE is a solution for community outbreak detection based on existing blood test reports sourcing anonymized data from labs. Given the lack of COVID-19 test availability in India and logistical/technical challenges, this is the best proxy data to aggregate and identify hotspots.

Project Demo | Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Rajesh Batheja (, Naman Modi (

12. CoronaFence

CoronaFence is a color-coded QR Recognition based interaction tracking app that helps in putting a check to direct and indirect interactions that might occur during or after the period of lockdown. Access to public facilities (Banks, ATMs, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, etc) are logged and there is a secure data storage to ensure privacy and safeguard against a data breach.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Kshitij Goel (, Sahil (

13. Covid Meghalaya

Covid Meghalaya is basically a CRM helping the Meghalaya’s CM office by tracking and updating information about essential supplies, health supplies & quarantined citizens. They are planning to replicate this CRM for other states in India as well.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Abhishek Nayak (, Arpit Mohan (

14. Reusable Antiviral Mask

This project showcased a low-cost, reusable, anti-bacterial and anti-viral mask and personal protective equipment which is much more effective than even the so-called N95 masks available in the market today. The mask is empowered by the virucidal and bactericidal power of a confined quantum dot embedded into a self-healing polymer matrix.

Download Pitch Deck

Project Owners: Dr. Kamatchi Sanakaranarayanan (, Dr. Somenath Garai (

Demo Day 2 also saw active engagements from our panelists. Here’s a brief on what panelists had to say.

Tarun Davda (Partner & Managing Director, Matrix Partners on ACT Grant Fund)

Tarun informed the viewers and project leads about the Active Covid Team (ACT) Grant fund. It’s a 100 Cr grant fund by the members of the Indian Startup Community. ACT grant fund is looking to help entrepreneurs who are building solutions to combat COVID-19.

Talking to the teams, Tarun Davda said,

“Given how rapidly it is spreading, we are looking for solutions that can make an impact in days or weeks. We are looking for scalable ideas where our network acts as a force multiplier and perhaps plug-in some of our portfolio companies to help scale these ideas.”

ACT is looking to provide grants broadly in these six focus areas. He urged interested teams to send their pitch deck to
1. Prevention of COVID-19 spread
2. Scale testing and drive down its cost
3. Disease management at home
4. Scale hospital capacity
5. Manage critically patients
6. Mental health

Chandana Agrawal (President, 82Point5, Ogilvy Group)

“Very nice ideas. I urge teams to look into solutions for healthcare workers. We need to make sure they are well protected. In my limited capacity, I would like to help teams find support and adoption”

Pranay Patil (Innovation Unit, National Health Authority)

“Hats off to the organizers for bringing together another round of successful demo day. I am impressed by a few projects and I will be reaching out to them soon to scope out possible synergies between our mission and their ideas. I want to emphasize that we should focus on breaking silos and incorporating collaboration between different initiatives. From a government standpoint, data security and privacy is extremely crucial. Founders need to be cognizant of this and necessary data security norms need to be considered. When it comes to digital health startups, India does not have a regulatory framework which might be a blessing because we can have a lot of ideas coming in.”

That’s all for Coronathon India Demo Day 2!

Thanks for going through the full list. We will soon be releasing the date for our third Demo Day.

Until then, Stay Safe!

About Coronathon India

Coronathon India was launched on 22nd March 2020 by a group of volunteers. As of today, the initiative has attracted 2700+ members from the Indian tech and startup community. This hackathon is completely volunteer-driven. Most organizers and teams didn’t know each other before the hackathon started.

Key members of the organizing group include Paras Chopra, Sparsh Gupta, Sathish Raghuraman, Arun Patre, Vivek V.S., Akash Tandon, Shruti Royyuru, Cynthia Rajan, Kriti Kathuria, Ankit Jain, Chandresh Vaghanani (and the list keeps growing).

To know more about the hackathon and ideas currently getting built, check out our website and to get in touch with us, kindly email us at



2500+ people from India’s tech, business and healthcare community came together in March-April 2020 to build projects to help minimize COVID-19’s impact on India. Read what they built.

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