Register for CVT’s Upcoming Vizathon 2021

CVT is hosting its first-ever Vizathon from July 28th to August 1st. This free, 4-day long event, led by CVT executive Kelly Ly and advised by Yogya Kalra, will bring together a global community of high school and college students to produce and present data-driven insights.

Teams of students will begin by choosing one of three tracks: public health, social justice, or economics. Public health is arguably one of the most crucial fields to analyze, especially in the debilitating aftermath of this pandemic. Students on this track will be focusing on crunching data from medical organizations and hospitals, analyzing cross-data sets, and attempting to predict and visualize meaningful results. As humanitarian crises across the world are continuing to intensify, students in the social justice track will also have a hand in all matters related to politics, justice, and law. After picking a cause important to them and analyzing data from war-stricken countries, students will be able to extract meaningful connections between relevant data sets and leverage AI for social good. The economic track will also seek to address the economic impacts of this pandemic, as students will deal with all domains concerned with the economy. Many will get the chance to explore relevant topics such as Bitcoin, Wall Street versus Reddit, the Game Stop controversy, and of course, COVID-19.

After students pick a track of interest, they will work with fellow attendees to analyze data sets and present their findings through captivating visualizations. Students will also have the opportunity to show their work to partnering and sponsoring organizations. We hope that all attendees use this event to inspire community change through data.

Those who have little experience in data visualization will be provided with a wide network of resources and activities to help them succeed, including:

  • Informative workshops from people with real-life experience making vizzes
  • Panels focused on the uses and potential of data visualization
  • Prizes that will launch attendees’ knowledge and opportunities within data visualization forward
  • Fun socials and networking sessions that will create a community of passionate student visualizer
  • Office hours for all attendees, giving you the chance to form personal connections with those experienced in data analysis and visualization

The Vizathon has been designed to be novice-friendly. Attendees will have access to a team of experienced advisors on hand to help them out and ensure this experience works for everyone. All students, regardless of previous experience, are encouraged to attend this event.

Make sure to register for the upcoming event, taking place from Thursday, July 28th to Sunday, August 1st. Link below!

If you have further questions about details of the Vizathon, make sure to reach out to the Vizathon lead, Kelly Ly, at!



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Coronavirus Visualization Team

Coronavirus Visualization Team

We are a group of students at various universities across the United States trying to make a difference on the ongoing pandemic