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Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

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Project 3: Museum Logo
Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo
Project 1: We Stand Together
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Below is my revised identity system. I created a new pattern on the back of my letterhead where the bowls are all a dark green so I can foil stamp them with a matte gold after printing. I also did this on the front of the business card. I want to take us into that glamorous burlesque/art deco style. I brought the border in a little bit. On the back fo the business card changed the typeface to match the original logo. I also added showtimes and adjusted the type and information at the bottom of the card. On the letterhead, I added the showtimes to that aswell. I took the soup bowls that were in a row at a bottom nd created different sizes and enlarged them a slight bit to create a cute pattern and to introduce what is on the back of the letterhead. My envelope originally has rounded flaps to contrast with the geometric top flap. We realized that it wasnt working so I created all the flaps to be equally geometric. I wanted to keep the envelope very clean and sophisticated. I also took the address out of the corner where the stamp would have to go.

Above is my branding guidlines, I wanted to make a poster and design it to fit within my identity system.

what I heard: I am on the right direction. I need to create separate sections with titles to make it clear what goes where. I need to be demanding with what my guidelines are instead of suggestions. I need to incorporate RGB, PANTONE and HEX colors. To use triangles to show the solid colors. I need to add the collateral and id system to the bottom. The Do’s and Don’ts need to be right beside the logo. I should show posters at the bottom with the burlesque girls. Like actual photos to contrast with these ornaments and flat line qualities I have been using. We like my ‘additional marks’. We want my ID system to be bigger than the collateral.


unable to upload the original files because the doc was saved over. I will upload images of the id system later

what I heard: we like the frame on the business card. frame could be set in a little more. value of yellow seems light next to heavy red. stack logo again, not horizontal. don’t put address were stamp goes. envelope needs resized, too small. top envelope flapped looks good, but we need to unify the other flaps to that. try less soup bowls at the bottom of letterhead but maybe larger. gold stamping could be cool on the back of the letterhead or the on the gold part of the logo itself. on the back of the letterhead try a solid color rather than the multiples. Flipping the pattern upside down and in different directions could be cool to create a stronger pattern. pattern needs to be set and even. try the small and large pattern with different bowl sizes. brothel should be in same type as logo on the back of the business card. the type in blue i hard to read. ADD SHOW TIMES TO CARDS AND HOURS. ****paper could make a big difference. we talked about using a cool light blue stock.

what I think: I want to definitely try the gold stamping. The pattern on the back of the letterhead was definitely causing me issues so once I adjust the spacing and color/opacity I might feel a little better about it.

what will I do: I want to try more with color. We didn’t talk about it that much but I want to play around more with full bleeds and filing in the shape I have created, just to see if I can add more color.


class missed.


critique of 6 color trials

what i heard: try up-sizing the bowl a little bit. try a de-saturated olive/pea green. stay away from blues as a dominant color because it makes the soup feel more cool instead of warm. if keeping blue, try it as a secondary element like the tagline. could try different colors within the elements like making the soup a different color than the bowl or try to make the layers in the fans a different color.

what i think: i agree for the most part because of the blues read cold rather than hot. i didnt know how i feel about filling in certain elements because i like how the thick unfilled outlines relate to the typeface but if i find a color scheme i like, it might not bother me as much.

what am i going to do: i am going to try more color schemes with these suggestions and bring ‘them in thursday for the class to look at so i have a solid pallet for the next week.


after an email, we decided that the original was the best solution but we need to adjust the scale of the bowl and then for the tagline try different thicker typefaces because it felt a little light. I should keep the three different bowls in the back of my head because they could be used later on with an identity system or further branding. give more space between the name and the tagline.

for the following trials, I looked at various art deco color schemes and I also tried to make them more feminine to reflect the burlesque side. I also introduced some browns to reflect some soup or a stew color.



Sorry I missed class, if could let me know which one to move forward with for the color trials that’d be awesome.


what i heard: A lot of people liked the soup bowl with the little art deco ornament on the top. the type face could be edited and customized a little bit. soup bowl more defined. maybe create 3 different soup bowls with three different designs above. change the slogan.

what i think: I agree with the idea that the 3 soup bowls would be neat. it gives me more of an opportunity to create more art deco ornaments.

what can i do: adjust the typeface to make it easier to read. adjust the lines and serifs. create 3 different soup bowls and make sure they come across as soup bowls rather than cups of coffee and tea. slogan: burlesque soup bar.




I began the brainstorming for my soup restaurant.

I created a quick brief mind map to help me gain more ideas for my mood board. I wanted to create a 20’s club atmosphere. I think it’d be neat to focus on that Gatsby style while incorporating that cabaret/burlesque theme. You can have soup or stew with your beer! I began name storming:

  • BROTHel
  • Secret Soup
  • Scandalous Stew
  • Soup and Show
  • Broth and Beer
  • Broth Barrel
  • Soup and Sip

I want that moody/sophisticated look with the vintage show girl atmosphere. I want an underground/secret feel as if it is an actual speakeasy. I liked the style with the feathers, art deco, the dark lighting. The show girls could have their stage or even be the waitresses. More reason for it to be a scandalous lounge.





dog bbq : bark b q

puppies and pancakes

soup speakeasy : brothel, broth barrel

donut hut



Today we critiqued our first trials of business cards, letter heads, and envelopes. I chose to play off of the fun circus feels and patterns. I chose stripes to replicate the circus tends and the polka dots for many obvious reasons including to reflect the circular elements in the logo. I chose to create different shapes with the envelope flaps and see what else I can do with the logo.

what I heard: A lot of people enjoyed my bright color scheme and patterns but a lot of it was “too much” to handle. It was very crazy and wild.

what I think: I agree with after hearing everyone’s comments. I think simplifying would be good. I think I have a ton of elements to play with and I think I have a good start.

what am I gonna do: I plan on adjusting the patterns so they arent as heavy to look at. I will incorporate the polka dots and stripes in a more subtle way. I plan on adjusting the logo to have it fit better.



Today in class we had a final crit and presented our logos. I revised the colors pushing the pinkish red more to an orange. Made the C and W different colors. Got rid of some extra swirlies and then changed the hat color.

to revise these, I need to play around with the colors a little more, bring the hat into the horizontal logo, give the type in the logo a little more room to breath, and now create collateral.


Unfortunately I missed class due to a terrible migraine. I did however receive notes from a classmate on how to improve my logo. A couple comments that I took into account.

  • simplify with less flourishes
  • seperate the C and W in the monogram by color changes
  • change the hat color
  • new color scheme less red and more peachy?



what I heard: Everyone like my revisions to to my lettering. They read well together now and separately. They have a more cohesive look now with scaling, stacking of the type, and the ornaments/characteristics of the type.

what I think: I agree and I am happy everyone liked my revisions because I worked extra hard and was frustrated. (ha-ha)

what am I going to do: Play around more with color schemes. I got some good feedback on my bright and playful color choices. It was suggested to me to play around with maybe making the hat a different color. Maybe adding gradients to elements so it doesnt feel as static or just colored-by-elements.


Today I finished hand drawing my revisions for Circus World and working on the color trials. Below you can see that I quickly re sketched an idea I liked. I wanted to keep some serifs but play around with the rounded/circle serifs to relate back to my original “CW”.

Because we wanted to stack the type instead of one singular line (because it was hard to connect the monogram), I decided to use a calligraphic/script lettering for “world”.

I created this style so that I could have a cohesive look when put together, however, if you decide that you want one or the other (type or monogram), they can easily be separated. If this logo were to be expanded for branding circumstances, the possibilities are endless. The scale, just using the monogram, just using the type, just using the hat. There are so many options to create an iconic look and still keeping a cohesive design.

Above are my 24 color variations, I wanted to play around with contrasting color schemes and bright colors to bring your mind to the playful aspect of the circus. I played with complimentary, primary, and random schemes. Even some muted tones to pull away from the bright saturated colors. I am leaning more towards the saturated colors.

10 Taglines:

  • A Wisconsin Historic Site
  • A Wisconsin Treasure
  • Preserving the Colorful History
  • Preserving the Colorful History since 1959
  • a colorful experience
  • Spotlight on history
  • Rich circus heritage
  • Wisconsin’s national treasure
  • spectacular collections
  • preservation and restoration



what i heard: The CW and the hand-lettered written out don’t work together. either make one more like the other or get rid of the type and just keep the CW. Use this as a little ring leader guy. Together it may be too much. Adjust the flourishes to make them more cohesive and symmetrical.

what i think: I agree I suppose. I find it frustrating but it makes complete sense. I understand that the two do not relate well to each other. I intend on looking at Jessica Hische’s book ‘In Progress’ to see a type face that could relate well but isn’t overwhelming to the little emblem/circus guy thing.

what am i going to do? fix it all. then hopefully when I find a couple more styles and variations that I like, I can meet with you and determine which will look better for the color studies.


What does the company want to say to their audience? maybe how fun the atmosphere is, the fun things to see and interact with, the historical sense the museum has to the area.
What value does the company bring to their audience? from my research I see the value of family and comfort with the fun environment.
What benefits do they offer above the competitors?
between the atmosphere exhibits and shows, you get the feel of the circus and begin to understand it’s historical elements. The fun while you learn.
How are they different from the others in their field?
i think they really target the playfulness when being associated with a circus. All of the playful colors and the way they photograph on their website can cause them to be set apart.



The below logos were the ones I chose to push further. I decided to play to pick 5 instead of three because I kept wanting to play around and explore the different ways I could express the word “circus” with just type and ornate shapes and figures.

what I heard: i think people overall liked my lettering and think i should do my finals that way. they want me to make ‘world’ as important as ‘circus’. my logos above should have been more precise. they also liked my monogram shape.

what I think: i think they are right and I should have cleaned up these drawings.

what can I do: cleanly hand draw the type. more ‘circus’ and world’ on the same line but thinking of ways and ornate shapes to connect the two. maybe use the monogram with hand drawn type.

above are the additional logos I came up with for Circus World. I played more with the handwritten type, ornate shapes, and the fun balloons, snacks, and tickets. i am happy with how these came out.


1.Looking into past logos and creating one that stands out and is different than that.
2. who will be interested in the circus? who would visit? who is the demographic? what are some things you think about when thinking about a circus?
3. being willing to expand my knowledge on the museum and to try a ton of different things.
4. look at the past logo and maybe create some designs influenced by that.
5. think about the branding and how it can be pushed further onto merchandise or other representation
6. something fun and playful
7. make it playful and have fun with it. this could bring up new ideas that actually work well and could be sophisticated.
8. I have been using hand written type because it will get me the designs I like and add more personality and uniqueness.
9. Creating designs with the C and W 
10. taking ownership of my hand written type. It is inspired by others but completely my own with is neat
11.staring with just shapes and layouts
13. -
14. playing with the layouts to charge the space.
15. My characters are kind of funny and cute ( i think)
16. Playing with colors to make sense in the subject.
17. Using primaries for that playful atmosphere.
18. making it light and fun!
19. -
20. Using black and white to start and find out where everything is. Try to play with figure ground.
21. Always get a second opinion (from a professional!) 
22. how would it look on tshirts, merch and other branding?
23. Consider how to bring it alive


Today I began sketching out some thumbnails and icons for my museum, “Circus World”.

I started by brainstorming things that I thought of when thinking about a circus:

  • animals: lions, tigers, bears, elephants
  • acts
  • music
  • ornate shapes and type
  • tents
  • bright colors
  • unicycles
  • fire
  • lights
  • clowns
  • stage/curtains
  • food: popcorn, cotton candy, pretzels, peanuts, etc
  • flags, ribbons, balloons

Below are the logos I came up with while thinking about some of the things I have listed above.

I then, looked at the website and took some ideas from some of the acts I saw.

I looked at some quotes and mottos:

“a wisconsin historical site”

“marvel at the majesty of the circus”

“wisonsin’s natural treasure”

then, some testimonials:

“It was wonderful!”

A really fascinating place! One of the only places in the world where you can see the facilities where the animals were kept, the range of circus organs and wagons is so big, and the posters are comprehensive and riveting.

- Katherine L.

“Can’t wait to come back!”

Who would have guessed that Baraboo played such a significant role in the history of the circus in the US? The history shared here was fascinating — this is the place where the Ringling Brothers started their circus in 1884, and they wintered here until 1918.

- Marissa C.

“Great time for the Kids!”

There are several attractions at Circus World. They have a beautiful newer building where they are restoring many old Circus Wagons from all over the world. If you are up for a walk there are old barns — one is full of costumes.

- MoLi2269

“Preservation of American History!”

This is an important part of American History — the travelling circuses. For children, it is an eye-opening experience that they cannot get in a classroom. For adults, it is a look back at times before computer games and Smartphones.





what I heard: People enjoyed my cool colors/winter pallet more than the traditional olympic colors. I was told to adjust the “2030” to create more balance. Adjust the type more with tracking and weight.

what I think: I couldn’t agree more. I was surprised that people liked the winter colors more than the olympic colors. But I agree in terms of balance that it could be improved.

what I am going to do: I intend on adjusting the type. I want to adjust the tracking within “LAKE TAHOE” to create a more solid word because of it being arched seems a little separated. I want to adjust the weight on “winter” so it stands out a little more without being completely hidden. I want to keep the “lodge” shape I created with the shape on the type. Maybe push it forward with contrast of size and weights? I will also play around with the pallet more. Incorporating maybe a brown to bring the lodge feel or the outdoorsy feel back into it without it being just winter.


Below, you can see I adjusted the type to be more balanced and I slid the “winter” inside of the shape to fill the void and used a smaller weight and tracking to have it not distract from the larger title. I also decided to push the traditional olympic colors forward and the cooler winter pallet.



What I heard: A lot of people gave me positive responses towards the wintery/cool colored logos and the ones using the olympic ring colors. The suggested for the wintery ones and such, I play around more with contrast of dark and light colors. We also talked about inserting something inside the open area under the arch.

What I think: I agree. I did like the traditional olympic colors. I think that the contrasting colors especially with the winter ones, would be beneficial to make it stand out. I definitely will play around more

What can I do: Play around with the colors and the contrasts a little more. Adjust type to charge the negative space.

Read and Response:

What additional tweaking/editing/revisions you could apply to your Olympic logo to elevate craft and/or communication of the intended concept/message?

Currently, my logo is flat, it does not use any gradients or skeuomorphism. If I decided to make a gradient work, I would make it as subtle as possible to keep legibility. I would keep it a similar color to gradate smoothly on the logo.

How can you avoid revisions/additions that may unintentionally become decoration, a passé trend, or compromise readability?

I can avoid these by not using a gradient. I know in the gradient article,

“ Moral of the story: If your gradient isn’t helping your logo, it’s harming it. Find another solution.”

I personally, don’t think that it would look good with my logo. I don’t think it would make a better change to it, and I don’t think it’d make much sense. Being that it is more type-dependent, I think that adding a gradient would make it harder to read; it is a more detailed logo with thin lines. I could compare it to the “non-profit logo” next to the Google logo.


Unfortunately I had to miss today’s class. I intend on catching up as soon as I get back. Here are my 24 variations and I will write more about them when I get back to Edinboro. I hope you all have time to critique them so I can revise them.

what I heard:

what I think:

what can I do:


what I heard:

what I think:

what can I do:


Olympic Bid Logo Critique #1 — Response:

  1. I would be competing with other cities and regions interesting in hosting.
    2. what is this for? who is the target audience? does this represent the city well?
    3. be willing to change ideas and designs
    4. understand the city and what it stands for, take that into consideration and push it further without changing it.
    5. think about how else it could be used and branded
    6. make the type make sense and possibly relate to the vernacular of that area.
    7. make it look like it is unique, its own, and relative to the area
    8. something very cold looking for it being winter
    9. L and T make a nice combination because they’re bother very geometric.
    10. Make the type look like it was made for this logo
    11. start by quick line sketches before looking into specific details, just sizes, proportions, and placements of things
    12. Know where things can go to be balanced within the logo
    13.keeping all of the type and scenic drawings in the same area instead of having them on two opposite sides.
    14. charge the spaces above the mountains to make it intentional and not useless.
    15. Not really sure.
    16. Have not played with colors yet but I think a lot of earthy greens but with a cold wintery pallet.
    17. keep it sophisticated and not wild
    18. keep the colors to make sense with the subject
    19. I am not sure.
    20. Using black and white to work general to specific 
    21. Always get a second opinion (from a professional!) 
    22. -
    23. Make it stand out and really push the ideas beyond.

What am I going to do next?

  • push my current logos even further. I am going to work on 5 now instead of 3 to see which ones I an create the strongest design and visuals with.


Brainstorming and thumbnails for Lake Tahoe.

I focused on the scenery which is the mountains, water, and the wildlife and trees.


Whitney Logo Reaction

  1. When I first read the first article, I almost didn’t understand what the big deal was with the lines, angles, contrast and then the movement. It felt like it was so simple but overwhelming to me because it just kept doing things and moving around! Then after completing the article I realized the use of its lines and after seeing it be used and branded, I found its simplicity to be beautiful.
  2. I think that responsive design is when some thing, in this case: branding, is able to be adjusted to the audience’s use. With the Whitney logo being able to move around and respond to axis on the pages and follow a grid system I find it more interesting. With some logos it might be too “extra” I guess if something is going to adjust in any new environment it is put into. But this, with its simplicity and just using the W and not a WM, having it almost be one simple line is nice in my opinion. I like how it is bouncing all over the page.
  3. I do not think this logo is boring at all, but yes, I find it simplistic. I believe that the logo is very sophisticated with how minimal it is. I believe that boring and simple are completely two different things. I personally think that when you create something so simple, the brainstorming and process may just be as time consuming and difficult to have it be simple but make so much sense. Also, I think that the responsive logo is extremely successful and pushes it even further to defy the “boring” comments.



“We are all equally wise and equally foolish” — Albert Einstein

#WeStandTogether is a movement supporting our nation and its everyday struggles. I chose to create my submission for #aigapittsburgh about equality. Using the quote by Albert Einstein, “We are all equally wise and equally foolish” I decided to put emphasis on the word EQUAL while creating an equal sign shape with the white type. I chose playful colors for my palette to show grab attention to a much more serious issue within our nation. While doing this I decided to play with the type to have it equally spread out to have it conceptually relate.

Corperate Identity // Fall 2017 // Aubrey Smith

ig: aubreysmithh


#aigapittsburgh #WeStandTogether


9.5.2017 — “Your logo is copied” & “Unlucky Designers” Reaction

Personally, I think that everything is clearly influenced by something else. I liked how Vogler used the term imitation to define copying. If you can look at something and are influenced by it or can further elaborate it, I think that is what will make it unique and your own. Unless, you do steal it and just create almost an exact replica.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I copied something but I know for sure I most likely have. I think to work your way around copying is how I said earlier, use the previous design as influence and work from there. If it is going to help you learn or if you give design said credit then try to make it your own. I say, let the design influence you but also push it further!

I would ask myself if it can conceptually represent the topic of design. If not, try to push it so it does. I would find a basis where it can actually change to make more sense, or be my own, fit the context more.

I don’t think anything is really ‘original’ anymore. I think that if you can push something further or add a unique touch it can be more ‘original’ but also it is still influenced by something so I believe that in itself can cut down the originality.

This article actually gets you thinking on whether or not someone by chance could’ve actually had a similar design as you. Maybe not necessarily copying but clearly making it less original.


— I think that my strongest design is the one based on all type. I liked the way created a bold statement by using the bolder type with full opacity because, if you glance or stand back the shapes in the type create equal sign. I like that the colors look playful so it is almost ironic with how serious the issue should be taken.

If any changes, I might play around with different colors or typefaces to see if I can push the boldness forward. I would also see if I cant play around with the format and see if I can make it stronger with how it lays within the square.


Today I am going to finish my final designs.

I decided first on my images and my type. I finalized the idea of “Equally wise & equally foolish” to be my type.

Next, learning from critique, we all agreed on liking the ideas of the black and white hands. The used figure ground and created interesting shapes. To play off of that concept and using the topic of equality, I decided on using the hand idea and combining it with the thought of a scale to picture the topic.

I adjusted the type so it was spaced and scaled equally through out.

After playing around in black and white and deciding what I found the most attractive, I researched some colors and representations. I wanted to have two playful colors so it could show that the subject doesn’t always need to be so serious.

pink: I chose the pinkish color to represent the idea of self knowledge and perception.

yellow: I picked this to represent optimism and awareness.

To keep the idea of them being a series but to also throw a tad bit of variety, for the final “image-only” logo, I reversed the colors.

I am overall very pleased with the final designs and enjoyed this project.


Critique went well.

What I heard: relatively positive comments, people liked my use of symbols and the way I played with some type to create an equal sign gesture. We struggled to find out which exactly to make my priority on changing or pushing forward.

What I think: I agreed with everyone’s comments and crit, I enjoyed the feedback and understood what everyone is trying to suggest.

What I am going to do: I am going to play around a little more. I am going to keep playing and adjusting the type so that it is more unified such as being the same spacing and size. I also am going to play with some colors and the shapes I already have created to see if I can elaborate on the concept.


I thought of obvious concrete objects like scales, equal signs, then focused on equality issues such as with gender, sexual orientation, love, skin color and etc.

I suppose I took a more straight forward approach.

For now I kept them in black and white and used a bold Bebas font, not necessarily to bring urgency but to bring attention.


WOOT. The first day of class. Here is a handy dandy place to record my thoughts and processes.

Equality — the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

antonyms: disagreement, imbalance, difference, disproportion, unfairness, unlike, changing, divergent, unjust, varying, biased, and inconsistent.

synonyms: fairness, coordination, impartiality, civil, uniformity, unity, likeness, balanced, comparable, level.

idioms: all else being equal, all things being equal, be the first among equals, separate but equal, equal to the occasion.

quotes (I wrote a couple more down but this one stood out to me): “Before God we were all equally as wise and equally as foolish” — Albert Einstein

I began to finish my brainstorming. I struggled with putting words and concrete objects together. AKA, my little chart didn’t work.


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