Identity System + Folder

Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

Choose either your Olympic Bid or Museum Logo to design and produce a complete identity system for: business card, letterhead, envelope, + one small collateral item, all to be housed in a custom folder.

This is you opportunity to expand and play with your logo signature, brandmark, logotype, tagline and other elements in support of the brand!


Business Card
Color: Maximum: 4/2
Size: No larger than 2”x3.5” (standard)
Paper Weight: 80lb cover or heavier
Content: Logo, Company Name, Individual’s Name & Title, Phone, email, address, website

Color: Maximum 4/1
Size: 8.5”x11” (standard)
Paper Weight: 60–80lb text
Content: Logo, Company Name, Board Members Names (6 Minimum),Phone, email, address, website

Color: Maximum 4/1
Finished Size: 4.125”x9.5” (standard)
Paper Weight: 70–80lb text
Content: Logo, Company Name, address, website

Color: Maximum 4/2
Finished Size: 9”x12” with 1/8" capacity fold
Paper Weight: 65lb cover or heavier
Content: Must house business card, letterhead, envelope and collateral

Up to you, but must be small and relatively flat to be housed in folder, examples will be provided in class.

DUE 10/25: 5 initial design explorations of each (business card, letterhead, & envelope, 5 front and 5 back=30 total designs), laser printed flat and trimmed to final size (use crop marks!). Experiment with typography, texture, pattern, photography, color usage and combinations, grid systems, illustration, iconography, information scale, placement, etc.