Savanna Althof: Process Documentation

Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

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Project 6: Branding Guide
Project 5: Identity System
Project 4: Restaurant Logo
Project 3: Museum Logo
Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo
Project 1: We Stand Together
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Project 6: Branding Guide


Class Critique
What I heard: Need to add more information including dont’s, collateral, and color information. Alot of the suggestions were teaks including captions, minimum sizes, geometric/organic shapes, patterns, and adding more colors. Suggestions for the logo itself was to add more negative space within the different elements and around them; and to make the line weight more consistent within each element. Also, so include the purple, green, orange, etc to other things.
What I think:
I agree with most of what was said. I agree that my logo now does not look exactly like a folk art piece, but I wasn’t sure what to change. I do think I need to add more information regarding rules for using the logo. After going through what I need to change and how to change it, I think I have a better idea of what direction I want to go in designing the guide.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to print out my logo I have now and use tracing paper to draw over it all the elements in the same weight with more negative space within them. I am going to also add the purple, green, and orange to the business card, letterhead, and collateral to keep the color palette more consistent. I am going to add more information to the guide and mock up my collateral and add that to the guide as well.

1st Finish

I pulled the pink and blue bars from the letterhead to use as a repeating element in each spread.


10 initial spreads

I didn’t really understand what to put for the branding guide, so I only have 4 and I don’t have a lot of information, but I am going to add more information and elements and rules.

Critiques (Brigette, Piper, Aubrey)
What I heard: I need more information and more rules; I also need to change my logo as a whole. 1 whole page for company history, mission, messaging tone, etc. 1 page with just the logo, explanation and rationale. Need to add clear space, signature, lockups, reverse and what not to do. 
Peer Crits: Consider typography, photography, secondary imagery, illustrations, etc. Size of page/ organization, lockups, explain why you did what you did & why it needs to stay that way.
What I think:
I agree with everything said. I was very confused about what to put in the branding guide, but I understand now, and think I definitely need to add more information and rules.
What I’m going to do:
I plan on adding everything said and looking up and researching more branding guides to see exactly what I am supposed to do. I am also going to change/redraw the logo to look more like folk art and replace that in the branding guide.

Project 5: Identity System


2nd Finish

Individual Critique
What I heard: Make paper stock the same color (not two different shades of white); flip around the folder flaps; take out the gray and just use black and white; enevelope text needs a stroke and black needs smoothed out, also continue dot pattern all the way inside; stickers should be rotated so they are right way when inside folder.
What I think:
I agreed with everything said.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to do the changes stated above and put them in a mock for Flux.

Library Research



For my collateral item, I decided to go with stickers because a lot of families go to the museum, and kids would like stickers they can take home with them.


1. The redesign I think is working is the one for IBM Watson. I think it is working because it went from very complex and alot of things going on to very clean simple, but still gets the message across. I enjoy the gradients within the logo because it gives it a sense of illumination without blinding the viewer.
The redesign that I think is not working is the one for the City of Boston. I think it is alittle too simple and doesn’t remind me of Boston at all. I also feel like the red bar under Boston reminds me of the grey’s anatomy logo and that is set in seattle, so it kind of conflicts with that. Also, the mark with just the B looks alot like the Behance logo. 
2. I redesign I think has a strong identity system is the one for Bulletproof. I think they used color very sparingly but in a good way. I also think they made everything go together nicely; it doesn’t seem like there is anything that doesn’t belong. I also enjoy the fact that they aren’t hitting us over the head with the logo, but sometimes it can be too much.

30 initial explorations

Project 4: Restaurant Logo


2nd Finish Stationary & 1st Finish Collateral

Partner Critique
3 positives
- fortune teller is clever
- business card flap is clever
- logo colors work
3 areas needing improvement
- disconnect from collateral and ID
- lack of full color logo in most items
- numbers on menu
3 suggestions on how to improve
- add numbers to menu
- make pattern out of full color logo
- blue and red colors vibrate when put together

Class Critique
What I heard: Use a white background instead of black; change pink color to an orange; type on side of bag is too big; fold over bag and add sticker; no quotation marks in subtitle; hand-done type on everything; menu broken up into 4 parts
What I think:
I think that my logo now is working because if you look at polish folk art it in a vector style. I think that what I need to do instead of redrawing everything is add some flourishes in so everything feels like it fits and it looks more like part of a bigger pattern. For the menu, which also has hand-drawn elements, I think I need to simplify them more so they have the same style as the logo. I do agree that I should use a white background instead of black. I like the idea of folding over the bag with a sticker, but then I don’t know how you would be able to see the inside pattern when put in a mock or photographed.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to try all the suggestions given and see if anything is working. I am going to change the background color to white and get rid of the quotation marks in the subtitle. I am also going to simplify the hand-drawn menu elements to look more vector/geometric. I am also going to make stickers with the logo and maybe some secondary elements and some pages in a mock of the app for the restaurant.

Examples of flourishes around different elements I could add in my logo so everything fits together and looks more like part of a bigger pattern.


Revised Logo (B&W and Color)


Revised Logo

First Finish

Class Critique
What I heard: Change info to fit restaurant; hard to read on bright colors; pierogi business card needs to be same color; put color inside logo emblem; Telephone isn’t working in emblem, change around emblem elements to fit better with type; make everything in the same folk art style; add prices on menu and add tagline to more items.
What I think:
I agree with pretty much everything said but I don’t know if I want to go with the pierogi shaped business card because I think the info doesn’t fit well in the shape. I am a little frustrated about having to redo the emblem and changing everything else in that style but I think in the end it’s going to be more successful. And, I’m not so sure about adding color to the emblem elements because I think it’s going to look way too messy especially with the hand drawn icons.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to redo and redraw the emblem elements to look more clean and then rearrange them to fit better with the type. Then, I am going to try and add color to the emblem and then if that works, I’ll change everything else to match. Also, going to change info to actual info (address, hours, etc.)


Revisions, Color Studies, Final B&W

Class Critique
What I heard: Everyone liked the addition of the polish folk art pattern to the pierogi, but I should instead make the pierogi into the pattern. Make it seem like the logo is the pattern. Instead of “Poland at your door” as the tagline, try “Pierogis at your door”
What I think:
Although it is probably going to be a lot of work, I agree with the idea of making almost an emblem out of the elements I have in my logo right now.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to look more at folk art patterns and see if there are some common themes and layouts and then go off that to cut and paste the different elements of my logo into an emblem that resembles polish folk art.


Class Critique
What I heard: More hand-drawn, less vector looking. Type is more succssful next to pierogi and under speed lines. Scale type up to balance with pierogi better. Try to add elements of polish folk art.
What I think:
I agree with what everyone said. I don’t know how I feel about incorporating polish folk art into it. I think if I hand draw the pierogi, adding folk art is going to be a bit much. I think I can definitely use it in my collateral, but again, not sure how it will work in the logo itself.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to scale up the type in my last variation to balance better with the speed lines. I am also going to do a few hand-drawn versions of the pierogi with sharpie and maybe paint. I am also going to try adding polish folk art inside the pierogi and type and see if it works at all.

10 Variations


Class Critique
What I heard: The logo with the speed lines is the most successful but to also include the illustration of the pierogi. Make the pierogi illustration more serious or clean looking while also having more fun with it. Look at other illustrators. Change tagline.
What I think:
I agree that the logo with the speed marks is the best out of the three. I do think I need to go back and re-draw the pierogi illustration to look more clean. I like the idea of combining the speed lines and the pierogi.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to re-draw the pierogi and make it a little more detailed so it reads as a pierogi more. I am also going to use less speed marks and space them out a little more. Also, am going to look at my previous taglines and choose a more successful one.

Digital Sketches


Initial Sketches


My first choice was The Tiller and it jumped out to me because like half die cuts in the clipboards. I really enjoyed that the first thing I saw was the clipboards and they had a modern sleek feel to them and them I saw the actual menus it had a more old world classic feel. I think what’s working well is their hierarchy and balance. It looks like the they are using the same typeface in everything but it is very easy to distinguish what we are supposed to read first.
My second chose was Eleven City Diner because it was the style that I want to go with for my restaurant. I really love how they mainly work with black and white but then in some places there will be a splash of color. Their hierarchy is like spot on and I think their use of a ton of different typefaces works well even though we are told not to do that. I think it has something to do with the scale contrast between titles and body text.

Class Critique
What I heard: I need to do more name-storming because my names aren’t quite there yet. The name Dostawa was good because it relates both polish and delivery. My taglines aren’t there yet either. I should look more at the Polish language for my tagline.
What I think:
I also like the name Dostawa for the restaurant because it is simple and gets the point across. I liked Varenyky Post too, but it’s not as easy to pronouce. I also think I need to work more on my taglines because there wann’t really any that popped out at me.
What I’m going to do:
I think I am going to go with Dostawa for my name, and then go back in with tagline ideas. I am going to look at what words in the english language come from polish background and maybe try using those. I also might want to try using alliterations.

Names and Taglines

Mood Board

Pierogi Delivery Service
Located in bigger city
Gives feeling of home-cooking

Project 3: Museum Logo


70 sketches

I chose the Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum and I worked a lot with the S and P to try and show how they go together because for every salt shaker, you need a pepper shaker. I also worked with black and white(yin/yang) playing with each other to represent salt and pepper. Another thing was the dots/holes. I tried to show the difference between salt and pepper with those. Out of my initial sketches, I think 46 and 43 are my favorite.
20 more sketches… I liked the idea of working with the S and P so I continued with that. I also started thinking about working in the outside shape of the museum, which looks like a log cabin/house, so I played with that and incorporating the letters into it. Out of the extra 20 sketches, I think 64 and 70 are my favorite.

I chose the Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum and I worked a lot with the S and P to try and show how they go together because for every salt shaker, you need a pepper shaker. I also worked with black and white(yin/yang) playing with each other to represent salt and pepper. Another thing was the dots/holes. I tried to show the difference between salt and pepper with those. Out of my initial sketches, I think 46 and 43 are my favorite.
20 more sketches… I liked the idea of working with the S and P so I continued with that. I also started thinking about working in the outside shape of the museum, which looks like a log cabin/house, so I played with that and incorporating the letters into it. Out of the extra 20 sketches, I think 64 and 70 are my favorite.


Pass Critque
What I heard: A lot of people liked my logos where I combined the S and P while also making the shape of a shaker. I got a lot of comments about the black and white contrast. The other one that got a lot of attention was the one with the S and P were connected, like a S with a line.

What I think: The main three that people liked were my favorite three, so I’m happy to move on with those. I think the idea of making the shape of a shaker with the letterforms is going to be my main concept. I also think the ideas people chose represent the museum well.

What I’m going to do: I’m going to go ahead with numbers 43, 46, and 52 in my sketches. For 46, I plan on adding a shape that completes the shape of the shaker. For 43, I plan on changing the P shaker to work as well as the S one does. And for 52, I plan on adding the name of the museum under the letterforms and maybe adding an angle in the form to separate them a little more.

Logo Design Tips Response
1. I haven’t seen any other museums with salt and pepper shakers, so it is unique in that way.
2. While researching I asked myself, “what makes this place different”, “is the location important to its brand” “what kind of vibe do you get when you go there”
3. I think I stayed pretty flexible when designing. I think I tried a bunch of different ideas, but my main/favorite ideas were the ones that got the biggest/best response.
4. I think I am respecting the brand’d heritage by not making the logo humorous. I think some people would find a museum all about salt and pepper shakers funny, but I think I am going down a more serious road in designing.
5. Alot of my logos are just forms, like I haven’t included the name of the museum, but I feel like my logos can be used in more things if they don’t rely on the name.

iPhone X Article Response


3 Revised Logos

Class Critique
What I heard: I heard that my second one is my strongest but that the type is not working. I heard that the types should either go on the bottom or the right. Also, to try and add the tilted nature of the third one to give it more movement.
What I think:
I think everyone’s advise was useful and helpful. I agree that the second one is my strongest, but I sort of liked where the type is now. I am open minded though, so I am open to changing things to make my logo successful.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to move around when the type goes and maybe try to tilt it, or to tilt the logo itself and keep the type straight. I am going to also play around with the scale of the letter forms.


24 variations

I decided on one final “shape” or mark but I was having trouble figuring out where the type should go, and what typeface/weight. So, my 24 variations are all type related. I tried three different typefaces, but I think I like Chalet the best.

I think the Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum would want their audience to feel welcomed because they are a family buisness. I think they would want thier audience to know that they started the museum because they had been collecting shakers for years.
I think the museum brings the value of family and humor. When you look at their collection, most of their shakers are funny or childlike.
They don’t really have any competitors, because they are the only salt & pepper shaker museum out there, but I think the idea of being a family own and operated company gives them a leg up on other bigger name museums like the Smithsonian or art museums.
They are different simply because they are the only one that focuses on just salt & pepper shakers. I think they are noticeably different because they can laugh at themselves; they know their museum is humorous.

Class Critique
What I heard: I heard that I need to scale down my image mark, and that everyone liked when I played with different weights of my typeface. I heard that I should try to add the motion back into my logo that was in my sketches. With the type, I heard that the light weight is too light, so to add a shadow.
What I think:
I think that everyone was right. The majority of the stars were not on the variation that I would have chosen, but I can work with the one everyone liked. I think the idea of adding motion back into the logo is great, but I’m not sure about adding the shadow to the light weight font.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to try the shadow idea. Also, I’m going to scale down my image mark a lot and maybe tilt it to add the motion back into it. I also might play around with the shape the type makes to add to the motion idea.


1 Final B&W and 20 Color Studies

I tilted the image mark to give it more motion and I think it works well, especially since I scaled it down to feel more balanced with the type more.
I also tried the shadow idea for ‘salt’ and I thought that since I scaled down the image mark and scaled up the type, that it was’t necessary.
I looked on their website and the main colors I found were dark purple and a dark teal color, so I tried using those colors, and I also tried using a blue because I thought it would look good with the green and purple.

10 taglines

Class Critique
What I heard: Everyone liked the color study with all black but “shaker museum” is blue. Again, salt is too thin, and the & is too large. Class wants me to try having “shaker museum” in lowercase to relate more to the rest of the type.
What I think:
I agree that ‘salt’ is too thin but I disagree that ‘shaker museum’ feels separate from everything else. I think both lines of type work well together and having everything be lowercase would make the type seem not as important. I think the difference between upper and lower case is a nice contrast in the design.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to try changing “shaker museum” to lowercase and see how it looks with the rest of the type. I am going to make ‘salt’ a heavier weight, and make the ‘&’ smaller.


Color Study Revisions (vertical and horizontal)

Class Critique
What I heard: Change my tagline to “The Spice of Life”, and add dots in front and after it. Move tagline up for horizontal. Put shaker above text in vertical, and tagline under title.
What I think:
I agree with everything people said. I think I might have to untilt the image mark to not make the negative space awkward above the text. Other than that, I like using “the spice of life” better than what I had.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to try all the suggestions and see which ones I think are more successful.


Final Vertical and Horizontal

Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo


Whitney Identity Response

  1. My initial reaction was that I liked their new logo. I thought it was clever to have the W move and be able to change for different products. I felt it was really simple, but I think it worked well for its purpose.
  2. When I think of responsive design, I think of websites. When the page changes and moves when the user makes the screen smaller or larger. The same goes for graphics; when the designer changes the size of the “screen”/canvas, the logo adjusts too. I think the pros are that it’s interesting, it catches your eye because there could a bunch of different ‘versions’ lined up and they aren’t the same but you know they belong together. I feel like you would have an easier time designing new products because you know that your logo is going to fit on whatever you choose. On the other hand, the cons are that since it is always changing, it might be hard to distinguish which one is the original/main one. Also, in my eyes, I think you would need a very simple design/idea in order to have a successful responsive design, so if you are not a simplistic type person, it wouldn’t work for you.
  3. I think the new design is simple but I don’t necessarily think its boring. I think the museum had a clear message they wanted to get across with the logo and thats what they do. One of the reasons why I liked it was because when you think of an art museum, you think of interpreting different pieces, and thats what you do when you see their new logo. 
    I feel that boring and simple can be thought of as similar, but in design, if you do it right, simple can be the opposite of boring. Its all in the way you make the viewer feel and think. For instance, a composition that only uses up a little piece of space could make people think and grab more attention that a composition that has too much going on. I think it also has to do with your target audience. Certain people could think a design is boring because it is simple, but other could think its the best thing they’ve ever seen. In short, I feel like the relationship between boring and simple is all in the eyes of the beholder.

50 Sketches

Logo Design Tips Response

  1. I think San Francisco’s competitors are Florida and California as a whole becasue they are both cities/states you think of when you think summer.
  2. Questions could be what are the main themes I want to represent, what is my main message, what makes SF stand out?
  3. I started with things specific to SF, but then I started to go with things to represent California as a whole.
  4. SF has a Spanish heritage, so I tried to go with that, and could try and add that in my final logos.
  5. At the beginning, I was trying to fit everything in one logo, but now I’m going to try and focus on one main point I want to get across.
  6. I haven’t thought about typefaces yet, but I think I want to go with a sans serif because I plan on going with a simplified idea.
  7. I think I might track out my type more to give it more breathing room and space.
  8. N/A
  9. I tried that in my sketches, but I’m sure if it’s the best route for my city.
  10. I feel like my logos are not type dominate, so having a custom typeface is not a priority.
  11. I think that’s where I’m going, especially with the geometric shapes, I wanted everything to be simple but also show my message.
  12. Most of my geometric shapes are “organic” because one of the things SF is known for is being diverse, so I tried to show that through not having “normal” shapes.
  13. I think I will use some kind of grid, because although I am having my designs be simple, I also want them clean, so they are easily read.
  14. I wasn’t using negative space that much in my sketches and I don’t think it will be a big part in my final logos.
  15. With the geometric bear, I split it into 9 pieces to represent the 9 counties in SF while also representing diversity and coming together, but I don’t think it says SF as much as I want it to.
  16. I haven’t thought of color yet, but I think having colors close to each other on the wheel is going to work best.
  17. I think I want to stray away from the whole sunny California, orange and yellow, but also want to also show its the summer games.
  18. The main mood I want to portray is welcoming, so maybe yellow or purple.
  19. Again, when you think of California, you think orange, yellow, pink. But also, SF as a sports team is red.
  20. I was thinking of black and white as an option, but then I thought it would be hard to distinguish summer or winter.
  21. That’s what critiques are for, I don’t think any of my logos have anything hidden that I don’t see, but you never know. I’ll just be on the look out.
  22. I think when designing a logo, you have to think of how its going to work with other branding elements. It can’t be this really detailed piece that is going to end up as a tiny watermark or something. With my logos, I am going really simple and geometric so they should be easy to use with other branding elements.
  23. After the first project, I have thought about how I could animate some of my logos, and I think having a really simple logo to start is better to animate with.


3 Revised Logos


Color Selection Response
1. I think it’s because a brand wants their logo to say something and give off a certain emotion, and if they have all these colors, that message could be lost.
2. I think of red when I think of San Francisco because of the bridge, so I see myself using that color. Also orange because, like the article said, orange is a friendly color and SF is known for it’s friendly nieghborhoods. I also thought about adding brown or tan to show that SF is know for its diversity but I’m not sure if that would read well.

24 variations

What I heard: We all are going to need to take a step backwards because using illustrator did not help us. We are limited when moving to the computer, not as much emotion or movement in our variations as there was in our sketches. For mine, I need to add type and maybe abandon the idea of the 9 counties. Also, work more with positive and negative space as well as using deconstructed rings and condensed type.
What I think: I think all the advise was helpful because trying to get 9 pieces that worked together was difficult to do while also keeping the shape of the bridge. I think going back and redoing the variations is going to be helpful and make my logo more successful.
What I’m going to do: I am going to take the chosen variation and move forward with it by adding type where the black boxes are but I am going to play around with what goes where and different fonts. I am also going to play around with how I make the deconstructed rings and maybe try and add two more because there is only 3 right now. Also, I might try and add the 9 counties somewhere, but I’m not sure if it is going to work with the chosen variation.

More Variations


I think I could add or take away something from the 2032 letterforms. Right now, I think they are just there. They are serving the purpose of making up the negative space under the bridge but, I think I could use a different font.
I think to avoid unintentional decorative revisions, you have to keep going back to your original concept and keep asking yourself, what do I want to get across, what is my overall message. For my logo, I think the broken up bar under San Francisco could get a little decorative, so I might have to work on that.

Final B&W and 20 Color Studies

I used red a lot because of the color of the Golden Gate Bridge, and I tried using the Olympic ring colors, blue for the coast, and a bunch of different colors to show their diverse population.

Class Critique
What I heard: I heard that a lot of people liked when I used the red color in the arches, and either the multiple colors or the Olympic colors in the fragmented pieces at the bottom. I also heard that I should change the “2032” from the font it is now, to the fragmented type I had in my extra revisions. But, I also heard that the 2’s look more like 7’s.
What I think:
I think everyone was right, the two color studies that the majority of the class chose, I would have chose for myself as the most successful. Also, I agreed with the class that the 2’s look like 7's.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to change the 2’s to make them look more like 2’s by cutting out little pieces of the number forms. I am also going to try different colors with the numbers and/or arches.

Revised Color Study

I tried using the fragmented numbers and made them look more like 2’s while also simplifing the arches and using red as the only color to emphasis the bridge which is the main identifier for the city.


Final B&W and Color

Class Critique
What I heard: Everyone is missing the fun colors from my original color studies. The type is too light and can’t be read easily. And, everything is too close together.
What I think:
I think the “fun” colors would distract from the red color in the arches. The whole idea of the red being the only color was to draw focus to the bridge and how it is deconstructed rings. I agree that the type is too thin and there isn’t enough space between elements.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to try the “fun” colors in the number forms. I am also going to increase the weight of the text and open San Francisco up with tracking and add more space between Candidate City and the other elements.


Final Logo

Class Critique
What I heard: I should move the type closer together so there isn’t a gap in between San Francisco anymore. I should make the spacing consistent between the two lines of type, and I should change the pink color in the last 2 to the red color of the bridge.
What I think:
I agree with everything but changing the pink, because I feel like if I were to make the pink the same red color as the bridge, that particular piece of the year 2032 is going to stand out as being the only piece that related to the bridge. I think having them all different colors separates the bridge from the year and other text.
What I’m going to do:
I am going to try and see if it would look better if I got rid of the space in between San Francisco and then spaced them out a little more. I am also going to give more space between SF and the year, while also making the space between the two lines of type consistent.

Project 1: We Stand Together

Stand Together Process


The theme I chose was empathy. When we were doing our brainstorming exercise, a quote stood out to me. It’s “No human heart is denied empathy. No religion can demolish that by indoctrination. No culture, no nation can touch it because it is empathy.”- Dayananda Saraswati

The quote got my thinking that we are all humans and whether we like it or not we all have something in common. With this I came up with two statements I could use for the backbone of my logos. “We all have the same goal; to live a full and happy life” and “We all live in the same world”.

With these two ideas, I started brainstorming alittle more about how I could show this with logos. My first couple ideas where not the best. I thought of a soccer net and stairs to represent a goal. Then I thought about roads. We take roads to get places and basically everyone in the world, or at least the US are connected by roads.

So, I tried using roads to show an ending goal, but still no luck. Now, i’m out of ideas…shit. But, I still have one more statement I can work with. I think of the world and coming together as one. So I try some other ideas like splitting it in half or adding an arrow that looks like a house, but I still come back to the roads idea. So I think what if I had all these roads that were separate but came together to form the earth.

Brainstorming Session

Synonyms: compassion, pity, sympathy, understaning, friendship, agreement, warmth, humanity, sensitivity, soul

Antonyms: hatred, indifference, unfeelingnesss, disunity, darkness, dislike, spite, malicious, grudge

Idioms: being on the same wavelength, being there for someone, hitting it off, being in one’s shoes, community of interests, i see where you’re coming from, spiritual union

Quotes: “Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself”- Mohsin Hamid, “When you show deep empathy toward others, their defense energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get more creative in solving problems”- Stephen Covey, “No human heart is denied empathy. No religion can demolish that by indoctrination. No culture, no nation can touch it because it is empathy.”- Dayananda Saraswati

Class Critique
What I heard: We first talked about how each design worked within the 2" square, and other formal qualities. Then we went into what each design was communicating and how we could visually show that successfully. What I heard about my designs is that they needed to work with the square better and they were too thin/small.

What I learned: Composition is key and the square that we are confined to should be the base of the composition. I also learned that my orginal idea of “we all have the same goal” is what I should be working with but I need to show it in a different way.

What i’m going to do: I am planning on drawing out a halfway full glass of water, but the water is in the shape of stairs to symbolize that we all want to live a full and happy life. I also plan on redrawing out my stairs/lettering design so that everything has the same handwritten style.


  1. Last semester in Type 2, we had a project and I was sitting in my room wondering how I was going to come up with a way to show a flashmob without words. I had this band poster on my wall and I kind of copied that for my project. I didnt exactly copy it, but I used the style and layout from it. I learned that taking something you see/like and changing it to be your own isnt bad. I probably would do it again but not an exact copy. I would probably just use something little aspect that I like and use it. I could have brainstormed alittle more and came up with my own ideas, but still I dont think anything I would have came up with would have been as good.
  2. I’ve never noticed anyone steal my ideas because most of the time I will have all these thumbnail sketches of different ideas, but once I get focused on the one I am going to go with, I forget/dont care about the other ones. So, someone could have stole my idea but I wouldnt have noticed.
  3. I think you can have original things/designs because everything is always changing. I do think its rare to find something that is truely original without any influences or anything, but I believe there are some out there.


I feel my logo that is text/image combined is the strongest because it really expresses the message I am trying to get across with both the image and the text that goes along with it. I feel like the hierarchy of the text works well, so you know what to read first. I tried to not make it symmetrical while also filling the space and using the square as an element, so I feel like I did a pretty good job with that. One weakness I think I could improve on it making the image look hand drawn. That’s the look I was going for but I think I edited it alittle too much and now it looks like a messy vector illustration. I can probably go back in and keep some of the stray lines to give it a more hand drawn feel.

Final Logo

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