One Drowsy Room

Abdul Wajid
Corporate Satire

It was a small dusky room, barely 10x12. Sleepiness was airing all around. As I opened the door with a mute
screeching, I felt as if a strong dose of diazepam was injected into my blood turning me sleepy. The graveyard
silence was laying a perfect breeding ground for an afternoon siesta. The AC operating on a smooth pitch
added more tang to the drowsy environment.
As I rested my head on the bed, I felt the pillow singing me a lullaby. The soft mattress resting my body was
tranquilizing me further, adding few more rhythms of relief.
I was lost in my drowsiness; catching Zs. Unfamiliar sounds from outside added with some mobile pings and
snoring from the sleeping neighbors were the only noises plundering the environment of the precious
drowsiness. Ignoring it all, I tried to catch the last glimpses of a daydream that seemed beautiful. And with
that I dozed off. Period!
“Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep!!” my phone alarm bleeped to wake me up. I opened my sleepy eyes surprisingly
to find that I missed an important meeting. Oops! I hurriedly woke up, rubbed by heavy eyes and squinted to
see that the room was even darker with a pacifying silence engulfing all over. The only source of scintillation
illuminating the room with a faint tint was a small pane on the door that read Males Dormitory.
Well, dormitory, also candidly known as a dorm, is one of the pet places in a corporate. It is the place meant
for resting ailing employees during office hours per contra to reality where most of the time it is captivated
by lazybones, midday sleep lovers and all those 30 minutes power-nap-formula admirers.
Well, sickness may be the chief criteria for resting in a dorm but people have cooked many more reasons, not
to mention silly, like boredom, laziness, stress and workload of course …Ha-ha.
Interestingly post-lunch period is the chief time for the dormitory to be occupied, for obvious reasons. For
many of my colleagues, including me, dorm is more like a holy temple, relieving from the stress and
sometimes ailing pain. The mantra being: When work stress aggravates and laziness spills over the brim, — use your weaPEN — sleep and sleep again. And that’s where a dorm comes into picture. Although many companies have a very
strict (read as rigid) policies for resting in a dorm, ours is quite flexible, thank Goodness.
That is all about the holy dormitory. So next time you feel stressed or overloaded with work, take a brief nap
in the dorm. Ahem! However, make sure to grab your berth before the post -lunch people invade their darling
In addition, DO NOT forget to set your alarm clock and get back to your work on time. Else the company
needs to redraft its dormitory policies to rigid. That being said, Sleep soundly :)

P.S. This is a fictitious work of the author. Any kind of resemblance to reality would merely be just another
candid co-incidence.

— use your weaPEN —

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