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5 reasons why customer service is not customer success.

‘Customer Success’ is a new phenomenon in the software industry. many people confuse themselves between ‘ Customer Support’ with ‘Customer Success’. From age-old days, companies were focussing on ‘ Customer Service’ and it is not a new term in the industry. However, because of the emergence of the SaaS industry and subscription economy, there is a shift in the focus from Customer Service to Customer Success. The following are the major differences in the approach in customer service and customer success. ( Reference — HubSpot Academy)

1) Customer success is more pro-active whereas Customer Service is reactive.

2) Customer Success has a long term approach whereas Customer Service is more of a short approach.

3) Customer Success focusses on achieving customer goals whereas Customer Service focusses on issues.

4) Customer Success focusses on Customer Delight and gains whereas Customer Service focusses on reducing customer loss or attrition.

5) Customer Success focusses more on Customer transformation whereas Customer Service focusses more on Customer satisfaction.

Customer success is beyond customer satisfaction and focusses more on ensuring customer loyalty.

There are several studies that show that Customer Success is going to play a major role in days to come.



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