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Get rid of ‘outdated presentation style’​ Once and For All.

We have been preparing decks for the sales presentation for decades. The common flow of sales presentation would like this.

1) Who we are? Company name, area of specialization, strengths, etc.

2) With whom we are working with? Big names and number of clients working with.

3) The requirement as per the discussion held with the client.

4) Here is our solution. How our solution solves your problem.

5) These are features, scope, and price.

In the era of Google, should we follow this trend? Because without any doubt, the buyer would have checked about you, your company and with whom you work with. In many of the cases, buyers not only check the background of the company, reviews etc, they will also check the details of the person coming to discuss. Thanks to Linkedin.

In this context, can we think of talking more of ‘ value proposition’? Can we talk more on the prospect? Can we think of the flow something like this?

1) This is the requirement/problems you mentioned during the last meeting.

2) Here is how most people in your situation do.

3) These are the various approaches you can take and these are the pros and cons of the various approaches.

4) This can be a better approach you can take for a better outcome and why this approach is better.

5) How we are better to support the best approach.

This is a far better flow compared to the traditional approach and flow and tone are nearer to the buying process rather than the selling process.

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