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Spray and Pray Marketing

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or services fits hom amd sells itself — Peter Drucker

Are you spraying your message to anybody/everybody and hoping that someone will come and knock your door? I am sure you might have used this strategy many a time. I am sure you might have sent emails to anyone who got connected on Linkedin or each and every email id you got from an agency hoping that the ray of hope will shine somewhere on someday. We all did it hoping that the customer will come one day like the hero of our Bollywood movies. ( Remember DDLJ)

I did this strategy many times in my corporate career. You are thinking right. I tried to call aimlessly and send emails and try to reach out to decision-makers of XYZ industry and tried to position the product and solution we had.

I failed ( It was obvious) and got frustrated during the process. The majority of the employees do the same. That is the reason why we receive many unrelated emails and unrelated calls from marketers.

So how do you really avoid your employees following this approach?

1) Define value

Define what problem you are trying to solve? I understand that you love your product but please be open-minded and listen to what salespeople are trying to tell you. They might be talking about a mismatch between the value proposition of the offering ( as per you) and the value proposition perceived by the customer.

2) Identify the market segment and subsequent — This is quite easy.

3) Define customer Persona.

Understand to whose problem your solution can solve. Define persona in detail with respect to age, sex, geography, income, etc in the B2C scenario. If it is B2B scenario, identify the companies with respect to size, geography, technology, etc.

4) Clear Message

What is your marketing message is going to achieve? Have a clear goal on what you want to say and what is that you want to achieve?

5) Aim and communicate.

To whom I want to serve and why? Whether they pay for my offerings? Whether they have money? I used to sell software solutions to the sugar industry and found that many of them were in distress situations and were not in a position to pay even though they wanted the solution.

6) Clearly communicate.

On Linkedin, we get mass emails with blah, blah, and blah. It is all about them and not about me. Marketing and sales are all about customers. Be clear and crisp on what you want to say and how do you solve the problem of the customer. Always talk about a win-win situation and do not pat your back again and again.

Happy marketing.

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