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You should know your buyer’s persona

If you are in the SaaS business, understanding the buyer’s persona is very important before campaigning for inbound marketing. Buyers persona gives you an idea about the customer who pays you the most revenue for the longest period of time. You should know what attracts the customers to your website and make why and how he makes a purchasing decision. No matter how big or small is your business, if you are in the SaaS business, then defining the buyer’s persona is a must.

Fundamental questions answered by buyer’s persona.

  • The type of content has to be created to attract and engage a particular type of customer.
  • What are the problems of the customers? How your business can solve their problems? What is the clear value proposition?
  • How can you attract and engage your prospective customers in the process of buying?

All of us go by our intuition/past experience or our beliefs about the targeted customers. That is the major reason why 75% of the funded startup dies. We assume that we know a lot about customers and target wrong customers, plan the wrong content, and convey wrong features.

There is a lot of confusion between words like ‘ Target Segment’ ‘ Buyer’s journey’ etc. However, the buyer’s persona is understanding human behaviors, circumstances, and scenarios and a deep look into ‘ Why and how a human being achieves a goal’. Usually, market research provides a lot of geographic and demographic data and information. However, the buyer’s persona is a deep understanding of the buyer and clearly defining it.

  1. One of the best examples based on my experience from the skill and training industry. The assumption of the majority of the training and skill development companies is that there are millions of unemployed youth in India and they will pay for the training and placement. Hence the buyer’s persona looks as below.
  2. Age- 21–25 years
  3. Unemployed
  4. No skills
  5. Aspires to get a job
  6. Demography- Rural and semirural and from small towns
  7. Ready to pay for a training
  8. PUC + or degree holder

Even though these are important data to be considered, we need to understand much deeper into the behavioral aspects of the unemployed youth is necessary and the following are the aspects to look into to design the communication and processes.

  1. He prefers to work in the local area
  2. Not comfortable to move to bigger cities
  3. Food and culture are the major problems for migration to cities ( They needed to move to cities after training and placements)
  4. Jobs means ‘sitting inside an office and working on computer’ ( That is what he has seen on TV and in movies)
  5. Strict no to ‘ sales’ ( he has seen salespeople travel a lot)
  6. Dreams to become a government employee
  7. Happy to pay for competitive exam preparation compared to skill training

These traits are very important for designing a communication strategy and content strategy. What to convey? How to convey? through what channel? How communication is an answer to the problem of the customer? How do you attract the customer to try your product? How to engage? Does he relate to the content and persons you are using in the communication? These questions can be answered only when you define the persona of the buyer or buyers. It is always better to speak with the people who meet the customers especially salespeople. They can give you ground realities about the buyer persona. The following are the questions you need to ask salespeople or your army on the ground.

  1. Type of customers they meet
  2. Why different people are buying our product?
  3. What are the common complaints raised by the customers?
  4. Why customers prefer us as compared to competitors?

In the SaaS business, the major portion of the business is from website visits. Hence the questions to be asked to the marketing team is as follows.

1) Most visited the page on the website

2) Which page customer stay most and which page they leave

3) Keywords or phrase the customers use to reach out your website

4) Which lead generation tactics brought maximum leads

5) Most viewed content on your website

6) From where your customers are reaching out to you

7) Which type of call to action generated maximum response

Apart from ROI of inbound marketing campaigning following metrics must be carefully analyzed.

2) Which type of content got maximum clicks and views.

3) Which link was clicked most ( either on your website or email)

4) Which online campaign was the most successful

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