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Christoph Jentzsch
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2 min readJun 8, 2022


We fail until we win!

corpus.ventures is our new venture studio which will humbly contribute to shaping the web3.

We are Ethereum veterans who have seen the cycles play out and have vowed to build out the missing products and services web3 is still lacking.

We deeply believe that a new internet is emerging, with a self-sovereign user at the helm. True Ownership is its core feature. Virtual currencies, Tokens, DeFi, NFTs, or even finally digital identity are its first fruits.

Applying the best of emerging L2-technology, cryptography-magic and powerful protocols such as ENS, corpus.ventures will advance web3 so it can reach its full potential. We’re standing on the shoulders of giants. And there’s no better place to stand like that than the sovereign web3.

We are well-financed by our founding team to build the first few cohorts of products — independent of external venture capital.

Our main approach is to rapidly push out prototypes and test them in the market. Those who stick will be built out into full products in tight cooperation with the community. Once they have gained sustainable traction, they organically evolve into stand-alone companies.

We invite you to join us as a developer, designer, community builder, or product owner to build this optimistic future together. The bar to join is high, as we need top talent in our ranks to succeed. But I can’t imagine anything better than building web3 products in a world-class team.

Let’s fail together gracefully until we win, and then win big AND for everyone.

Christoph Jentzsch,

CEO corpus.ventures