Corrado Cavalli
Dec 10, 2018 · 2 min read

How to solve one of the many problems related to build 1809…

October 2018 update (a.k.a build 17763.168) seems born under a bad star, after the problem where several users lost their documents Microsoft stopped distribution until they found and resolved the issue, but looks like we’re not there yet, at least in my case…

Normally I upgrade my machine downloading the iso form MSDN and launching setup.exe from my current Windows 10 installation and usually i get a smooth upgrade to the latest version.
This time, while on some machines everything went smooth, on one I got this weird message


The message, as usually, is all but clear so I Googled but found nothing interesting apart a lot of sites wanting me to install kind of “cleaner of fixer” utilities.

Luckily i remembered that on internal MVPs list there was someone complaining about similar installation failure, so I followed the thread and looks like that cause might be the fact that you have Developer Mode enabled, since I am a developer it was, and this is what i did to make it work…

  • Go to Settings -> Update and Security
  • Switch For Developers option from Developer mode to Sideload apps and confirm the selection…
  • Go to App & features -> Manage optional features and uninstall Windows Developer mode feature
  • Install Windows 10 October update
  • Set For developers mode back to Developer Mode

As usual, it works on my machine, hope it is the same on yours.

05/01/2019 update: Looks like that a servicing release will be available at the end of February, more info here

Corrado Cavalli

Online thoughts of a technology funatic

Corrado Cavalli

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Microsoft MVP mad about technology. MTB & Ski mountaineering addicted.

Corrado Cavalli

Online thoughts of a technology funatic

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