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The New Zealand Government Is Failing To Protect Rarest Dolphins

Illustration by the Author. Maui Dolphins and Map .

In an attempt to help protect the now critically endangered Māui dolphin, Sea Shepherd hopes a US court will ban New Zealand seafood. New Zealand’s government is not doing enough to protect one of its native dolphin species. The country’s seafood exports to the US amount to about NZ$200 million.

About The New Zealand Artist Fiercely Dedicated To Expressing Her Visual Intelligence

Rita Angus. Photo Credit: New Zealand Archives

The United States has Georgia O’Keeffe, the Netherlands has Vincent van Gogh, New Zealand has Rita Angus. Well, that’s how I see it and feel . Had she lived elsewhere in the Western world, there would by now be a museum dedicated to her.


New Zealand’s New Public Holiday Is Determined by the Stars

New Zealand’s new public holiday will commence next year. (Illustration by the author).

Matariki is the Māori word for Pleiades. Coinciding with Winter Solstice on the Southern Hemisphere, the twinkling Matariki signal the Māori New Year. .

According to , Matariki has increasingly become a part of…

Why the Relationship between New Zealand and China Is in Flux

Image provided by author from Wikimedia Commons images.

When a foreign minister tells exporters to diversify trade agreements, and not put all their eggs “in one basket with China”, it’s likely things are about to change. But how, that remains to be seen.

The soft warning came from New Zealand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs,

“Reading Recipe Books And Dancing On Bad Children’s Music”

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo credit:

When it comes to staying sane, focused and efficient, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern knows what to do. But she admits it took her a long time to realize you don’t need to feel guilty when taking the space and time to look after yourself and your mental health.

“When we’re…

Jacinda Ardern announing the Easter Bunny and Toot Fairy essential services

The ultimate consolatory message combines a touch of emotion with humour, in the Netherlands.

“However, these stories are hard to come by and it is difficult to track them down. But the search is worthwhile because…

Correspondent New Zealand Aotearoa

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