A Text That Set My Life Up in Flames

What did you do to get yourself into trouble? Nothing?

…that is too bad. Your time has come.

I was sitting in class with roughly 30 other students all trying to stay awake at their desks. Our teacher was about 35, very short, had wild curly hair and she constantly paced back and forth as she gave lecture. I looked back and forth from my teacher and the clock that was on the wall above her head, counting the minutes before class ended. If only I had known I was counting down the minutes to a disastrous moment in my life.

It was a Friday and a day to celebrate our last home football game. Everyone was decked out in our school colors, black and red, ready to cheer on the team at night. There were two minutes left before the bell rang for class to end when I saw my mother from outside the window storming from the parking lot up to my school. I know the look my mother has on her face when she is mad and she looked furious! Oh dear, what happened?

I had one sister and one brother who were attending the same school as I was. That leaves one out of three chances that she was angry because of something I did. These last two minutes of class felt like a century. My head overflowed with thoughts of all the reasons I would be the one in trouble. My heart was pumping incredibly fast, my palms began to sweat, and I did not even hear the bell when it rang because I was so nervous. What was I nervous for though? I hadn't done anything wrong in the last few weeks so I should be in the clear, but my gut was telling me that something was not right. Everyone started pouring out of the classroom, into the halls, and then out to their cars to go home and get ready for the game.

I walked out to the parking lot to put my backpack and books down before I was to face the wrath of anger from my mother. However, my car was not where I had left it. Now I was really confused. Where the hell did my car go? My only choice was to go to the office and see if they knew anything about it. As I walked back into the school I saw my sister talking to her friends. She had a frightened look on her face and was panting. Should I be worried now? She and I did not talk much so I walked past her to the office doors and walked inside. I could hear my mother’s voice talking to the counselor in the other room.

“Where is my daughter? Has anyone else heard of these happenings? I am so embarrassed! Why would my child do this?” she said with a worried tone. She walked out of the room and saw me.

“Mom.” the only word I could get out of my mouth.

“You, come with me,” she requested firmly. I followed her out to her car, got in, and waited for her to tell me what was going on as she drove downtown. “Read this,” she says as she hands me her phone.

I saw a text from my mom’s friend Karen and she wrote, I saw your daughter running down the street while I was driving home from work. As I headed downtown, I saw a few cop cars by Longs. I saw Officer Smith and asked him what was going on and he said a couple teenager kids had robbed the store and then ended up running away. Since I saw Kayla running, I think you should look into it.

Now here I was sitting in the car realizing that my mother thinks I shoplifted from a store and then ran away. This was impossible because I was in school all day. Instantly I knew exactly what was happening. I forgot to mention a little detail about my sister and me; we are identical twins. Sometimes our parents can’t even tell the difference between us. It is only possible to know the difference by the way we talk or our bodily gestures. Otherwise, good luck figuring out who is who. My twin sister is not a very nice person so I call her Cruella De Vil and for the rest of my story I shall call her Cruella.

My mind was spinning and I was getting dizzy because I was blamed for a crime that I did not even do! What do I say to my mother? How do I get her to believe me? My sister was very manipulating and persuasive; my mother would never think her “little angel” would do something like this. Cruella hid her cruelness behind her cute little smile and soft eyes, but I knew who she really was. She was class president, had straight A’s on her report card, and was on the dance team. A lot of people liked her. Unfortunately for me, she had everyone, including my parents, fooled. I, on the other hand, was the one who did not care what people thought. I did not have the best grades so I wasn't exactly the best candidate for child of the year in my family. Now, I was being blamed for something I did not do because of a text. How was I going to convince everyone an angel committed a crime?

All these thoughts were spinning through my head and then I realized we were pulling up to the police station. I looked back and forth from the police station to my mother who had a very stern look on her face and would not even look at me. She put the car in park and suddenly a flow of words came rushing out of my mouth. I do not even remember everything I said, but tears were flowing out of my eyes and I was shaking from a mixture of feelings. I was yelling that I had not been the one to shoplift and it was Cruella, but she did not believe me. She was basing her judgment off the text because her friend wrote that I was the one running away. If Karen would have put my sister’s name down then perhaps I would not be in this situation. I finally convinced my mom to call Cruella so she could straighten this whole mess out and take the blame for her actions. Unfortunately, Cruella took advantage of the fact we were twins and said that she had nothing to do with the shoplifting and that she had no idea what my mother was talking about.

At that moment, I knew there was no hope for me. I tried and tried, but eventually I was the one who had to go through all the trouble of being blamed for this crime. It was put on my record. What made it worse was that I live in a small town and soon everyone heard word that I was the one who had shoplifted and ran.

From this experience, I learned that phones were used as a network connection between parents where they kept tabs on all their kids. Phones did not only open a gossip world for us as teenagers, but they provided a gossip world for our parents as well. They are a tool of surveillance for our parents and they cause trust issues between the relationship of parents and their children.

Phones have created a quicker way for gossip to be spread around a campus and through local towns because anything can be sent to another individual in just a few seconds. Phones are now used as a way to create reputations for people, both bad and good ones. However, what if these text messages are false? You could be harming the feelings of an individual. Due to phones, a negative reputation was constructed for me that followed me around for a long time. It can be used as a manipulation tool and a way for a person to hold up their end of a lie because they do not have to talk face to face with a person; it is a way to hide behind a screen so you do not have to look into another’s eyes and feel the guilt as you make up an entire lie. My story is related to how media technology can affect the relationship between parents and their children, or the relationship between siblings. After the text message from my mom’s friend and my mom’s phone call with my sister, we have never had the same relationship; we are not as close of a family as we used to be. I do not blame phones for affecting families, but they act as a medium that is involved in ruining relationships.

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