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Dunkin Donuts Coming to WFLA Building

The WFLA building September 1st, 2021. Photo by Ben Kaplan

Eastern Iowa Food service will be converting the WFLA building on 1st Ave and 19th St NE into a Dunkin Donuts and the regional offices of Eastern Iowa Food Service according to Andrea Farley, who oversees the Dunkin Donuts franchises the company operates in the corridor area, and Clifford Reif, CEO and President of Reif Oil Co, the parent company of Eastern Iowa Food Service.

“We have been eager to get on this side of town for years,” said Farley.

Eastern Iowa Food Service plans to save the WFLA building, built in 1958 and a prime example of mid century architecture in Cedar Rapids.

“This is an ideal site, with a stunning building,” said Farley.

The Dunkin Donuts franchise will operate on the top floor, which has direct access to the parking lot, with offices and a bakery in the basement floor.

Farley said the company doesn’t have a complete timeline yet, but that by this time next year the Dunkin Donuts franchise should be open.



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