The Scooters Are Good

Ben Kaplan
Sep 10, 2018 · 1 min read

I have ridden the infamous scooters. They are amazing. Every city should have them.

All the good things you have heard about the scooters are true.

The bad thing? Where to put them? Figuring out where to park them without being a douche is not that hard if you stop and think for thirty seconds.

Are they dorky? Hell yeah. Will you care once you’re on one? Hell no.

They are cheap, fun, and useful. For one trip, I went two and a half freaking miles and it was delightful.

City planners — embrace the scooters. Love the scooters. Put down “bird nests” for the scooters.

Bird, Lime, whoever, please drop scooters off in Cedar Rapids at my earliest convenience (right now).

Scooter über alles. Scoot the world. Scoot scoot bitch.

I love these scooters.

Corridor Urbanism

What’s happening in Iowa’s 380 corridor when it comes to urbanism and urban planning?

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