The Very Short List of Possible Stores Coming to Edgewood “Town Center” UPDATE: WE WERE WRONG

Ben Kaplan
Nov 15, 2018 · 1 min read
I’m using this image to remind people that while tens and tens and tens of million of dollars is being poured into building strip malls along Edgewood Road, empty buildings along that road are just as common a sight.

A new 55 acre strip mall is coming to the swirl of sprawl around Highway 100, Edgewood Road, and Blairs Ferry. It will be called Edgewood Town Center, I assume without a hint of irony. It will get tax breaks. Everything gets tax breaks. The developer does claim that a “new to the area” 200,000 square foot big box retailer will be among the tenants. The thing is we’re in the middle of a "retail tipping point” that is dramatically reshuffling the retail landscape, so there’s not a whole lot of companies opening 200,000 square foot stores. Which means that the list of probable tenantsurba for this new store is whatever the opposite of endless is.

Here are my uneducated guesses:

1. Meijer

2. Costco

3. Bass Pro Shops

I’d bet ten bucks it’s gonna be Meijer.


The Gazette reports that the store will be a Fleet Farm. Having neither a fleet nor farm, I will probably never shop there.

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