Power Rankings — Week 6

Sour Gangsters Make a Jump

1 — Sausage Kings, 5–1, 703 (Previous Rank: 1)

Down goes Rodgers, as do the Kings. Coach Fro was proactive in already acquiring Alex Smith (#2 ranked QB, 24.8 ppg) in free agency.

Deshaun Watson has scored 37.7 points per game over the last three weeks for the Sour Gangsters.

2 — Sour Gangsters, 3–3, 835 (Previous Rank: 4)

Shot up four spots in two weeks. Proof that you can succeed in fantasy by managing the waiver wire despite bumbling into the draft. Watson (1st among QBs) was free agent and now AP (134 yds, 2 TDs, 25 pts) could be critical in what was once a limited bench in the backfield.

3 — Suite Mopsters, 3–3, 737 (Previous Rank: 2)

Features the number one running back (Hunt) and number one wide receiver (Brown) in the league. Remaining a threat despite drop-off from first three weeks when they scored 134 per game. Averaged a respectable 111 points over last three weeks.

4 — Little Jerry, 3–3, 745 (Previous Rank: 3)

Loser of two straight games yet still second in points. Needs to win this week for Marcelino to take down his check at the bodega.

5 — Buzz Balls, 4–2, 644 (Previous Rank: 6)

Two games above .500? Huuuhhhhwhaaat? Buzz boasts the league’s second best record but only tied for 5th in points.

6 — The Van Buren Boys, 3–3, 644 (Previous Rank: 7)

Winners of 3 straight games after losing first three games of season. Small difference in scoring: First 3 games: 106 ppg, Last 3 games: 109 ppg.

7 — Sweet Mobsters, 3–3, 637 (Previous Rank: 5)

Losers of 3 straight games after winning first three games of season. Huge difference in scoring: First 3 games: 134 ppg, Last 3 games: 78 ppg.

8 — New York Winners, 2–4, 605 (Previous Rank: 9)

Slips ahead of the Mandrills with two straight wins. One more and that’s called a winning streak.

9 — Scissoring Mandrills, 3–3, 620 (Previous Rank: 8)

Stop monkeying around and adjust roster before the 1pm games are just about to kick off.

10 — Julia’ Oral Roberts

Perhaps JOR’s fortune will change versus a slumping Sweet Mobster squad but things aren’t looking very Ocean’s 11 here.

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