Automation in The Netherlands and why America is 10 years behind in technology

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2 min readJan 18, 2021

WeChat in Amsterdam. What this means to American Exceptionalism.

Reason 6,758 that the USA is 10 years behind the digital global community, WeChat Pay. June 8, 2019 from #Amsterdam airport.

#WeChat has over 1B daily users. Meanwhile, 99.99% of Americans have never heard of it. WeChat is owned by a company called Tencent. #Tencent is basically the Amazon of China and by default #Africa and the emerging economies. Hence the reason for WeChat Africa and Tencent America.

So, while the USA is kicking off trade wars with China, Mexico and anyone else who doesn't like our small hands, China is thanking us for our lack of international diplomacy and leadership.

Why? #BeltAndRoadInitiative

If you've never heard of China's Belt & Road Initiative it's why the USA lacks #softpower in emerging markets and China has been successful in positioning itself as the global hegemony for this century. Cause the #AmericanDream is alive and well in China. Now meets see if they can keep it up and we cannot start WW3, to make our egos feel better.

For more info on #WeChat check out this article. And you can connect with me on WeChat, username "HustleFundBaby".

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