lost is but an existence without emotions,
where our emotions have abandoned our side,
we’ve thrown away our desires, just as we did our pride,
to look at one another, eyes gazing to the sky,
a fire yearning to spark, yet a heart ready to die,

lost is but a moment with needs pushed aside,
where the want to need is unwanted,
yet the need to want is seldom cried.

lost is but a memory of arms intertwined,
the strong embrace of another as rain pours outside,
to remember that warmth, tears rushing down her side,
of what was just a memory,
of what was just tonight.

found is but a smile, written upon her face,
a joyfulness of boundless bliss in a safe place.

found is but a work of art, where we find each other at peace
where lost, alone, and forgotten emotions can finally cease

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