love & roses

Love is like a rose.

When it blooms it’s the sight of the town. Everyone who walks by it admires it’s determination and waters, fertilizes it, and gives it all the nurturing it can be given to grow into something beautiful.

As it grows, it sprouts it’s first petals. Everyone is amazed by the colors and aroma it lets off and how each petal represents something beautiful. Each petal points in it’s own unique direction as relationships are made up of these moments you cherish.

As the rose matures, it becomes a true work of art. You can look back at each of the petals and what each meant and remember the beauty in each part of it. Some petals may fall off and be forgotten, but it’s the petals closest to the core that stay true even if others falter.

Many say roses die, which that may be true. In some cases that love that started off so beautifully may turn into nothingness, but it also can become something even more beautiful. With the love and support of family, friends, and the rose itself, it’s seeds can be carried through the wind and planted elsewhere where the love continues again.

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