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Predicting the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Senslytics ‘intuition technology’ scales expert insight with AI and machine learning to avert catastrophes and save millions

In ‘Blink’, an expert can tell if a marriage will last within seconds. In ‘The Break-Up’, we all know how it ends.
  • The technology is unique and proven. Cortado commissioned an independent technical evaluation of Senslytics which validated the technology and its wide range of applicability.
  • Customer validation. Senslytics won the Shell GameChanger competition, a very difficult contest that vets some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world as Shell tests them for effectiveness in solving its business problems. Senslytics developed an application for reservoir fluid sampling for Shell that was successful in 100% of trials in determining the fluid contamination status. Shell had tried other machine learning methods (including neural networks) previously and never found a solution. Shell is now going through the commercialization process with Senslytics.
  • The platform travels. Roughly 80% of the platform can be transferred to use cases in other industries, with the remaining 20% able to be developed over 4–6 months working alongside an industry partner. There are multiple other applications in oil & gas, hydrogen production, agriculture, natural disasters, and even disease forewarning.
  • Successful team. CEO, Blake Bixler, was the Chief Commercial Officer for start-up EagleClaw Midstream, which went from zero to a $2B exit in 4 years. CTO, Rabindra Chakraborty, has over 10 patents and multiple decades of start-up experience. Advisor, Hani Elshahawi, was the Shell Deepwater Digitalization Lead, has authored 150+ papers, is a distinguished speaker, and one of the most renowned experts in the offshore energy world.
Senslytics is designed for processes across multiple sectors including high impact environmental events.
Much of artificial intelligence applications are going through growing pains, trying to make AI solve our problems for us instead of enabling expert intuition.



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