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Cortex App Weekly Newsletter #1

New video is just part of the news!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the community and the first edition of the Cortex App newsletter! You are each part of a very special and early community.

Our goal is to make a complete Web3 foundation that anyone can use, a web with crypto built into everything. When that happens, each digital thing will have uniqueness (just like the real world.) For us, that is the foundation of the metaverse.

We are well on our way to having that core foundation built.

Cortex is the interface. It’s a wiki, a wallet and Web3 browser combined. What you create or publish, you own. Cortex is a gateway to a decentralized data store, domains and infrastructure so anyone will be able to interact on Web3, work with NFTs and turn just about anything into a verifiable digital asset. The video below explains it pretty well. Please share!

Our partners in the Butterfly Protocol ecosystem handle the decentralized domains and decentralized cloud infrastructure. Cortex has the .crtx TLD (Top-Level Domain.) Using Butterfly has some distinct advantages over ENS domains, including: cost, full NFT features like metadata, and long-term ownership. Together with Cortex, the domain’s infrastructure creates the first complete Web3 stack. We’ll go into more details in a future update, but for now, it’s important to know many of the key pieces are now live. The domain contracts are now live on Polygon, where transactions are sub 1 penny. We started airdropping a few of these domains with Butterfly this week, which will cost next to nothing to reserve and set up on Polygon. Check out the tweets and Telegram groups below for more info. More exciting things are coming this week as I’m writing this, so stay tuned!

And things will continue to heat up as we get closer to launch. Our private sale is largely closed and we’re gearing up for public sale with details to be announced soon. We’ve received a development grant from Polygon with details in the press release below. We have an AMA scheduled in the Polygon Dev Community on Telegram on November 30th.

In addition, we’re really growing the community with our new marketing. The video below is really starting to pay off! This week our promotions have built up a sizeable Twitter following of over 13k in just a few days. This is still the beginning.

Be sure to join Twitter and Telegram and we’ll keep these updates coming. Thanks for being a part of our community.

-The Cortex App Team

YouBase, Inc., the creator of the Cortex App Project ( has received a BUILD Grant via the Polygon Developer Support Program to build Web3 and open metaverse solutions on the Polygon and Ethereum Blockchain Ecosystems. Cortex is a new application that will make it simple to build crypto into every page on the web, creating a solid foundation for Web3 and emerging metaverse applications. Check out the full press release here.

Airdrop Announcement!

Join the telegram group to be included in the #airdrop:

#airdrop #Cortex #Polygon #Metaverse

Is Cortex an Open Metaverse Project?

At Cortex, we believe we are building a foundation for an open metaverse. How? We have a full decentralized stack that seamlessly brings data and crypto together in a meaningful architecture.

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The Cortex App is a decentralized notebook, web3 publishing tool, and wallet in one. It’s the ultimate tool for creating, collaborating, and transacting on an open metaverse that belongs to the users.




Cortex allows anyone to build their digital kingdom, a personal metaverse. The ultimate tool for publishing and collaborating on Web3.

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