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Top Twelve Reasons .ape Domain NFTs are Different from other Domain Name NFT Projects?

Since launching generation 0 minting at, we’ve had a few questions about what makes .ape domains different from your average domain name NFT project? The short answer is much more utility for a true Web3 experience!

.ape domains are a different kind of NFT project

We’ll explore each of these in detail in future posts, but here’s a quick top 12 to highlight some key reasons why .ape is a different kind of project:

  1. Lifetime ownership, no renewals. That’s right, they are yours forever or until you decide to sell
  2. ENS integration built in! .apes are a superset of ENS. When you mint name.ape, works as an ENS address, with all the features of any other ENS name!
  3. No fees for updating content. The secret sauce of .ape domains is actually the underlyiing Cortex Content Network, a game-changing, scalable Web3 network where users own their content. A big hassle with other Web3 content is paying for any change you make. Not so with Cortex!
  4. Simple minting of subdomains. Just go to, click on a domain you minted and BOOM! unlimited minting of subdomains, just pay gas! Each of these subdomain NFTs are full NFTs and can be used for art, music and more, like a normal NFT, but now with web and wallet capabilities!
  5. Metdata editing. Your domains and subdomain NFTs minted can have many of the metadata fields edited, like image and title. Package them up, make them look pretty, add custom fields, use for art, or music NFTs, it’s all possible!
  6. Control over subdomain metadata by domain owner. Mint your art, music or other domains and control or lock art, naming, or other metadata.
  7. Turn your domains and subdomains into wallets with Charged Particles integration.
  8. Full support of cortex decentralized publishing network for easy publishing to domains.
  9. Social identities. Social aspects of domains as topics turn your domains into social accounts. All built in, launch of social and group features incoming!
  10. Cross-chain support for new TLDs, anyone can create a new Top Level Domain, like .ape (which are on Ethereum), and choose what chain it goes on.
  11. Every page you create in your .ape site has its own ERC20 address that you control, allowing simple ways to build a business into your site.
  12. Current BAYC and MAYC holders get free subdomains!!! ex. 1234.bored.ape is yours if you own the 1234 ape. Just pay gas. We can drop prizes into subdomains, also.



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