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Cortex Angels Wanted! Calling for Global Community Moderators

Correct, it’s the CEO of Cortex shown above
  • Help new users use the platform
  • Respond to users’ questions and comments
  • Test and give early feedback for beta versions
  • Assist in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups
  • Help Cortex maintain and moderate online and offline communities
  • Help Cortex translate and proofread content
  • Provide Cortex with market feedback and suggestions
  • Any other suggestions that you think will help Cortex grow
  • Able to host campaigns in your local community
  • Try to achieve the monthly KPI with your best effort given by the official
  • Get invited to all of our events, as a privileged guest or organizer
  • Get special access to members of the Cortex team
  • Be invited to exclusive Cortex Angel meet-ups, with only Cortex Angels and senior Cortex team members
  • Your feedback and suggestions about Cortex will be considered at high priority
  • You will receive limited edition gifts, made only for Cortex Angels

About Cortex 😇


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