Cortex Bug Bounty Program

Oscar W
Cortex Labs
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2 min readNov 1, 2020


Cortex is the first public blockchain capable of executing AI algorithms and AI DApps on the blockchain. Cortex provides an AI platform for developers to upload their models on the blockchain and be incorporated into smart contracts. Instead of a black box, we can execute AI models on the blockchain in a decentralized, immutable, and transparent manner − network consensus verifies every step of the AI inference. To put it in context, blockchain started with bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency. Then entered Ethereum, which allows programming on top of the blockchain, namely the smart contract. Now Cortex builds on top of Ethereum to enable AI-powered smart contracts. We are launching a bug bounty program to call upon security experts around the world to make the Cortex ecosystem more secure!

Program Rules

Please provide detailed reproducible steps. Only the first report will be awarded in the case of duplicates. Only one bounty will be rewarded for multiple vulnerabilities caused by the same underlying issue. Bugs are rewarded according to severity levels (see below) The Cortex team reserves the right to classify a bug’s severity level, determine the final awards, modify and cancel the bounty program at any time.


Bug level is categorized by Bugcrowd Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy ( Rewards will be paid out in CTXC. Please provide your CTXC address — make sure it is a MainNet address, especially if it is an exchange address (not recommended). If a vulnerability is found to be extremely critical, the reward may be greater than listed below on a case-by-case basis. Technical Severity Reward Range in CTXC P1 — Critical 50,000–100,000 P2 — Severe 10,000–50,000 P3 — Moderate 6,000–15,000 P4 — Low 2,000–6,000


Disclosure Policy

Please do not discuss the vulnerabilities outside of this bounty program without explicit consent from the core Cortex team.

Thank you for making Cortex more secure and pushing forward the AI on Blockchain Ecosystem! Note that this is only version 1.0 of the bounty program — upon feedback, we will look to modify or expand the bounty program.