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Breaking News has shut down, and we’re looking for work

This is breaking news we hoped we’d never have to report. Our parent company, NBC News, decided to shut down the Breaking News service at the end of the year. BreakingNews.com and the Breaking News app stopped providing updates and alerts on Dec. 31.

We thank everyone for your many notes of support.

Breaking News invented a new way to discover, fact-check and deliver relevant breaking stories faster than any other single newsroom in the world — with a staff of just 22 people. Our team is now looking for work, and we’ve listed all our names and email addresses below. But first, a little background.

Our team is divided between product and editorial with lots of overlap. With the exception of me, everyone either writes code or writes news on a daily basis. This is a multi-talented team that knows how to get things done and loves to experiment.

Our product folks have invented so many things, I’ve lost track: nearby tipping (which won the Online News Association’s top technology award this year), nearby news, deeply personalized notifications, topic muting and proximity alerts. They’ve built a watch app, Slack bot, Messenger bot, Alexa skill… they even built a social media signal detection platform.

Our editors are not only experts in mobile and notifications, but in social media discovery and publishing. They’re adept at tagging and geolocation, adding a treasure trove of metadata behind the scenes that powers our real-time personalization. They’re FAST (duh) with rock solid news judgment — a nose for sniffing out misinformation on social media — and surprisingly low key for the high-pressure work that we do.

Here’s the list. If you’re interesting in hiring, we’ve included personal email addresses for you to contact directly:

Editors (8):

Dave Wyllie (London) — DavidAWyllie@gmail.com

Grace Banks (London) — graceelenabanks@gmail.com

Jillian Stampher (Seattle) — jstampher@gmail.com

Jimmy Lovaas (Seattle) — Jimlovaas@gmail.com

Rebecca Bratek (NYC) — rebeccabratek@gmail.com

Shelley Ng (NYC) — shelley.ng08@gmail.com

Stephanie Clary (Seattle) — Clarystephanie@gmail.com (leads editorial)

Tricia McDermott (NYC) — triciamcdermott@gmail.com (leads NY/London)

Part-time editors (2):

Andrew Villegas — andrew.villegas@gmail.com

Imana Gunawan (Seattle) — imanagunawan@gmail.com

Android developers (3):

Gaston Sweeten (Seattle) — Gsweeten@gmail.com

Sufei Zhao (NYC) — sufeizhao@gmail.com

Zoya Ali (Seattle) — zoya.84@gmail.com

iOS developers (3):

Christopher Matsumoto (LA) — matsumoto.christopher@gmail.com

Corwin Light-Williams (Seattle) — corwin@thethirdman.org

John Jacecko (LA) — johnj@psygo.com

Web and app design + web front-end (1):

Martin McClellan (Seattle) — martin@martinmcclellan.com

Web front/back-end and platform (2):

Andy Boyle (Chicago) — andymboyle@gmail.com

Ryan Nagle (Chicago) — rmnagle@gmail.com

Co-founders (2):

Ben Tesch (Seattle) — ben@bentesch.com (architect+leads product)

Cory Bergman (Seattle) — corybergman@gmail.com (GM)

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