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I’ve been blogging for many years now on a variety of platforms. My very first blog was on Tumblr, and I named it Corybanter. After several years of blogging on Tumblr, I discovered Weebly, and for a long time, that platform seemed to work beautifully for most of my blogging needs. Recently, however, Weebly was acquired by Square, and it has gradually metamorphosed into more of an e-commerce site. I mean, you can still share blog posts there, but the whole management of the site emphasized selling products online. I’m sure, for people who have a more entrepreneurial spirit than I, that’s super handy. But I just want to blog.

And so I decided to move all my personal blogging over here to Medium. I still haven’t decided what to do with some of my other blogs. I still blog on Shakespearean topics at my Willy Wigglestick blog on Wordpress. My Baker Street Babble blog, a Sherlockian blog which I’ve put a lot of work into over the past several years, still exists on Weebly. I also have a blog about Bible Versions over on Weebly, that I’m also thinking of moving to Tumblr. I’ll have to experiment with that one a bit. We’ll see how it goes…

I’ve tried simplifying my blogging so many times in the past, and I still haven’t really hit on a solution that works for me, AND that enables me not to lose all the work I’ve put into my various blogs throughout the past…eighteen years? We’ll see how it all ends up…



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