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Getting Used to a New Chromebook

Photo by Peter Stumpf on Unsplash

Photo by Peter Stumpf on Unsplash

y daughters have has a Chromebook for quite some time, and they’ve always seemed to enjoy it. However, for me, it’s a bit of an adjustment. Everything is smaller, there is no touchscreen, and little things like right-clicking and scrolling in browsers are a different experience. The portability of the Chomebook is a plus, but the rest of it is taking some getting used to.

I just discovered the Medium app on the Chromebook, so I can resume my blogging activities a bit. It’s been awhile since I was blogging regularly (I was so active during the earlier days of Covid!), so maybe I’ll pick it back up again, especially if this Medium app makes it relatively easy to do so.

As I wrap up this brief post, I will try to insert an image, and see if that works okay. I hope to write more very soon…

UPDATE — It took forever for me to figure out how to download an image of a laptop keyboard, and now, for some mysterious reason, I can’t make this writing page into a fullscreen page, like it was when I first started using the app. Mysterious…

UPDATE 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO — This is the second version of this post, because the Medium app from the Google Play Store is horrible on Chromebook, as it turns out. So now I’m just using it on the Chrome browser, which is much better.



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