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All right, folks…I’m still working on tidying up this whole blog/podcast thing. As I’ve posted recently, I recently decided to streamline my blogging, moving from trying to maintain various blogs across several platforms to simply maintaining one blog…this one. After that choice, I decided to give my podcast (which had been dormant for about ten months) another try. To make the podcast match the blog a bit better, I then decided to give the podcast the same name as the blog. Simple, right? Well…

I bought the domain name “” on Google Domains a few years ago: it’s only $12/year, and I figured it would be nice to have a domain that matched the title I’d given my blog. Trouble is, when it comes to domains and websites and blogs, I’m not exactly the most tech-savvy guy you’ve ever met. But I did figure out how to get to forward to this blog. Bingo! You type in my domain name (or click on a link, as in the preceding sentence), and you arrive at It works great…except for when it doesn’t.

See, I made the mistake this morning of trying to link my domain name directly to this blog, without relying on forwarding (even though, for the most part, the forwarding had been working just fine). Having forgotten the dictum, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it,” I attempted to change things around. At the moment, if you click on the link, or type “” into your URL bar, you get my Medium profile page, not my Corybanter blog. It’s close, but it’s not the same as I had it set up before. I’m hoping things may settle back down to “normal,” as I’ve seen in the past that it often takes a little while for changes to take effect. It happens with the podcast, and it’s sometimes happened with my website changes, too. Anyway, “” will get you to my content…just not in the exact way that I intended.

I may end up making a few more changes, either to the blog or to the podcast, as I work out the best way to consolidate everything as much as I can. If you’ve been reading (or listening), thanks in advance for your patience. If you’ve not been reading (or listening), I invite you to check out older blog posts or podcast episodes that I’ve done, and see if there’s anything there that you find interesting. I welcome any feedback as I continue the process!

I will post again real soon…



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