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Now that I’ve simplified…

This post is mainly for myself, to help me keep track of the many places where all of my previous blogs have resided. I’ve deleted a couple of the less successful attempts, where I’ve only ever done a tiny handful of posts. So I’m hoping this list is fairly accurate.

At this point, my intent is to only do new posts here at Corybanter. (I haven’t decided yet whether I want to keep Bites of Bard, which is a little thing I’ve written here on Medium for a while, wherein I share some of my favorite passages from Shakespeare. I may just make that a recurring type of post here on Corybanter.)

  • Baker Street Babble — This is a Sherlock Holmes blog I maintained off and on from January 2014 — January 2023.



A newer, simpler home for

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Cory Howell

Full-time dad & part-time church musician in the United Methodist Church; blogger & podcaster; fan of Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, language and more