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Cosmic Champs Development Update

Bigger Champs, Better Graphics, Uncommon NFTs and more

Get Ready for App build 0.7.1(b44)

In the next few days, you can expect to see the following message when you try to open up the closed beta app!

QOL improvements to gaming systems and player experience

Here’s what’s changed:

  • We also zoomed in the battle scene a bit. We also have larger changes to the battle arena planned but that will happen in a future update.
  • NFTs currently do not enhance unit stats in any meaningful way, however we have all the functionality in place to add the change immediately after we are satisfied with the balancing in the dev environment.
  • Destroying the middle section of the base continues to yield immediate victory.
  • As a side effect of this change you might notice it takes longer to load the app for the first time We have ways to speed this up, but for now it’s not a high priority as we are not in the “optimization” stage yet.
  • Fixed most of the known/reproducible cases of being stuck at “Opponent found” or “Starting match” screens.
  • Fixed most of the known scenarios where splash screen didn’t cover top of the screen on taller devices when entering battle.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with wallet disconnect and reconnect within same playing session

What’s next on the development roadmap:

  • Add more NFT’s to the game
  • Overtime
  • Stats sheet
  • S2 Characters and deck building
  • V2 of the current battle arena
  • Second battle arena
  • Shifting focus to iOS version


Cosmic Champs is a play to earn, tower rush, real time strategy game developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes. It aims to remove many of the existing barriers of entry for typical P2E games. This means it’s mobile first and no wallet, tokens, or NFTs are required to play. These innovations position Cosmic Champs to become the benchmark for crypto games in GameFi. The game will be available for Android and iOS devices late in 2022. Cosmic Champs NFTs are the gold standard in 3D game ready NFTs on the Algorand blockchain — a carbon negative blockchain built to be sustainable and secure, and the home to the FIFA+ Collect World Cup 2022 series of digital collectibles. The native governance token Cosmic Gold (COSG) is available on all major Algorand exchanges. Cosmic Champs graduated from the Algorand Foundation and Draper University Blockchain Accelerator Program in 2021 and conducted an over subscribed private sale led by Borderless Capital.



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Cosmic Champs

The first play-to-earn game on Algorand. Battle friend or foe in a real-time cosmic arena to earn stakable tokens and 3D NFTs