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Cosmic Climate of March 2021, Week IV: The Boomerang of Self-Love

Mar 23–31: Getting in Touch with our Inner Philanthropist

This week is about our relationships. When is it not?😂

We have a full moon on the 28th in the sign of the artist and lover, Libra — themes are of partnership, teamwork, collaboration and compromise.

This moon shows us what we have been changing in ourselves — what our needs are in relationships and that we are the source of our own self-love.

An excerpt from Yung Pueblo’s, Inward:

many forms of modern-day love contain conditions, meaning that we have an idea that we want those we feel deeply for to fulfill. sometimes we don’t see our hopes and expectations for the ones closest us as conditional forms of love, because we perceive what we want for them as ‘good’. unknowingly, in our wanting of what is ‘best’ for them we limit our ability to give them the finest and most powerful form of love, a selfless love that empowers them to decide for themselves what is best for their lives.

so much of what we think is love is actually attachment and expectation. focusing on giving in our relationships isn’t easy; it is a habit that requires strengthening, repetition, healing our minds, and allowing our selfless nature to come forward for it to become our new normal. there is a special harmony that arises when two people focus on giving more to each other, a subtle communication and growing awareness between them that allows for better support of each other’s happiness.

we may worry, ‘how will i ensure that what i desire is met?’ a better question may be ‘has solely focusing on meeting my desires truly brought me happiness?’ the happiest people, the ones who have successfully purified their minds of all conditioning and craving, tend to have such a strong compassion and understanding of love that their lives naturally focus on giving to others. in this giving and clarity of mind they find happiness.

though most of us are far from having fully liberated minds, it is always worth understanding that giving is one of the most powerful forces we can set in motion, that through giving we not only support those around us but also wisely follow the law of nature — everything we do will ultimately come back to us in some form or another. if everyone focuses on giving, we will each receive more.

If you want to know how free you are, ask yourself, ‘how far does my love extend?’


🕳 We moved into the new astrological year this past weekend — Aries season. Space is being made for the new.


🕳 Full moons bring culmination of what we have been working on with our partners and our team. The end of a symbolic 6 month chapter.

🕳This full moon is special because it involves other planets. The Sun is in conjunction with Venus = Energy of optimism towards connecting with people, finding a sense of relatedness.

🕳This week there are rare energies being activated. We are coming back to ourselves for truer, more authentic answers and this is changing us permanently.


Theme: Looking at the new relationship with yourself that we mirror/project onto others.

Mood: Feeling of feelings. Reflecting on patterns. Communicating of needs.

Guidance: Listening rather than offering a solution is the solution.

I kept running away from my darkness until I understood that in it I would find my freedom


Mar 23: Moon in Cancer, its natural cozy place. While Aries brings the motivation and may gloss over feelings, Cancer wants us to be aware of our emotions. Little push-pull energy going on. Moody feels possible, reminding us to slow our roll today. Moon moves into Leo at 3pm PST, let’s see if we feel a shift into a more playful space by the evening.

For the next 2–3 days, Mercury (communication) and Mars (action) square off (tension) = things may not go exactly as planned. Be open to flowing in a new direction. We will feel this most in the evening and well into tomorrow.

Sun and Venus are conjunct from the 23–30th: preparing us for what is new in our hearts now. The seed has been planted and will grow over the next year.🌱

Perfect day for: Gentle Heart Opening Poses

Mar 24: Fire in the sky. Expect surprises and possible tension. Emotions can feel extra complicated, intense, deep. Soothe the soul and be gentle today! What can we do to increase our level of play, even in the smallest things we do throughout the day? 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️

Mar 25: Patience may be tested. There is an intensity and/or confusion between communication/thinking, and our destiny/spiritual path (Mercury squaring the Nodes). Best advice is not to force anything today. Solutions come when we are still. The quieter we become, the more we can hear.

Mar 26: POWER DAY. Moon in Virgo. Fire energy to get stuff done, earth energy to organize the hell out of it all. We may feel unstoppable to go after what we truly desire. Connecting with others to help further our dreams.

Mar 27: Similar vibes as yesterday, with Virgo energy we look for balance and stay out of judgement, of ourselves and others. Notice, as we tie up loose ends, any feelings of restlessness, like something more needs to be done. Possibly feeling some competition. Coming into the full moon, it is about completion (look to 2 weeks ago at the new moon for what we were wishing about then). We are coming into a rebirth…as we reach a new level of understanding around what we desire in love.

Mar 28–31: Full Moon in Diplomatic Libra 8°

🔆 Sun in Aries — can be impatient and rush us ahead.

🌕 Moon in Libra — coming back to ourselves and our roles in our relationships.

🔴 Mars in Gemini — energy is action oriented, strong desire to communicate.

A comforting and healing Full Moon. We have the power to create more harmony in our lives. No light without shadow, no shadow without light.💡 This moon reminds us to balance our needs with the needs of our loved ones.

The Moon is opposing the Sun, Venus (relationships) and Chiron (wounded healer), so this can bring uncomfortable feelings and truths to the surface to be released. See the beauty it in all. This is the Moon to treat ourselves and to connect with our partners.

What happened in June 2020? Something happened or we were thinking about something that is now ready to be ignited.




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