Beta Release: Portfolio Balancer

This is the 1-year birthday of Cosmic.Link & Stellar Authenticator! For this event, I invite you to discover the first wallet-independent software for Stellar − which is the goal I’m aiming at since I joined the Stellar developer community. is a portfolio balancer: it let you define how you want to distribute an investment over various assets, and help you passing the required transactions. This is the first of its kind to be released on Stellar DEX.

I wrote the first version of the rebalancing algorithm for my own needs in April 2017 & fined-tuned it since then. This is a very convenient tool to manage long-term positions. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do :)

Let’s take a tour together!

Direct Link:

Step 0: Acknowledge that this is a beta release

Beta means the software is not fully stable yet, and is still under testing & development. The core features are available and are ready to be used. However, I’ll ask you to double-check the transactions before signing them, and to let me know any issue you may encounter.

Step 1: Login

You log-in with your public key, your federated address (user* or your Ledger Walllet. A wallet-independent software such as let you use your usual Stellar account: no need to create a new one.

If you don’t have a Stellar account yet, you can take a look at the interface using mine: simply click “demo” in the footer of the page. Of course, you won’t be able to validate your changes: this is a read-only mode.

Step 2: Check your balances

The first tab of the application let you check your balances. You can display them as a pie chart, and historical prices chart appears when you click on an asset.

Note that if you have several anchors for a given asset (e.g.: BTC), it will get aggregated under one entry. For your comfort, will transparently aggregate orderbooks & pick the best trades for your asset.

Step 3: Re-balance your portfolio

The second tab is were the magic happens. Select each of your asset, and set it to balance as an “Equal Share”. The algorithm compute a transaction that convey your order in a blink.

Now, tweak percentages until you find what you think is perfect balance. “Apply” your template then “Rebalance”. The Cosmic.Link side-frame pop & invite you to validate the transaction that will re-balance your portfolio.

Here, there are four possibilities:

  • You use Stellar Authenticator or Ledger Wallet: it’s as simple as signing the transaction.
  • Your wallet can sign a transaction XDR: Select “copy/paste XDR” in the signing method form to get the transaction XDR.
  • You know your private key: You can sign with it using Stellar laboratory. Or you can create a Stellar Authenticator account and import your private key in it.
  • You can’t access your private key: I advice you get another wallet ;)

Giving your private key goes against the philosophy of a wallet-independent application. The whole point of this solution is that you can use various softwares without having to take the unacceptable risk of allowing full control over your account. However, if the wallet you’re using doesn’t let you sign arbitrary transaction, the alternative is taking risks, staying jailed, or changing wallet.

Step 4: Check that offers were validated correctly

The third tab let you check the pending rebalancing operations. Indeed, most trades will not get completed right away.

Most of the trading pairs on the Stellar Decentralized EXchange are illiquid. If were programmed to buy assets at market price, we would pay significant fees due to the market spread (the difference between buyer & seller price). To avoid that pitfall, pass offers at fair prices, and you then need someone to take them.

If an offer is not taken after a day, it will be marked as “outdated” and the next rebalancing operation will replace it. To take full advantage of the rebalancing process, I advice that you run it on a regular basis: daily, weekly or monthly for example.

Step 5: Feedback & Donations

The whole point of publishing a beta version of a software is to receive early feedback. Please let me know about your experience with The footer of the application provide links to various social media were you can reach me.

You’ll also see a donation icon. While is free-of-charge, its development isn’t. It took me a year at full-time to create the various components that made this application possible (including Cosmic.Link & Stellar Authenticator). Coding great tools is up to me, keep the groove going is up to you ;)

Thank You For Testing!