Introducing Cosmic Clusters: Multi-Bucket Billing Plans Now Available

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3 min readAug 16, 2017


Add your first Cluster now.

The Cosmic JS mantra is Build Apps Faster. As former agency colleagues, we know the value of speeding up dev cycles and empowering non-technical users. As we’ve brought that mission and value to market, larger teams have begun requesting expanded use of the platform. Due to the requests of the Cosmic JS Customer Community, we are unveiling new multi-bucket pricing plans in an effort to speed up larger team’s development cycles and invoicing simplicity.

Cosmic JS Clusters

What is a Cluster? Simply put, a Cosmic Cluster is a way to group Buckets onto the same billing plan for shared usage limits. As larger teams began adopting Cosmic JS as their platform of choice to build and manage apps, they began asking for the use of multiple buckets within existing pricing tiers as long as they didn’t exceed the monthly API Request and Storage limits.

Adding Your First Cluster

1. Add Cluster Title
This could be a client’s cluster, a project’s cluster, whatever you need to label to identify from your Bucket Dashboard easy Cluster navigation.

2. Choose Buckets to Cluster
You can choose existing Buckets from your Dashboard, even if they’re already on another paid plan. You can easily add and remove Buckets from Clusters while maintaining the individual Bucket within your Dashboard.

3. Choose Cluster Plan
Clusters come in options of 12 Buckets and 35 Buckets with shared API Request and Storage Usage. Please note that products and features such as Users and Webhooks still operate at the Bucket level. Clusters simply allows for a simpler and more concise billing invoice process and account management experience.

Clusters is a billing and invoicing simplicity product.
You can easily add existing Buckets into a new Cluster.
You can easily add new Buckets into an existing Cluster.
All Bucket Add-Ons and Features still available at the Bucket Level.
Removing Buckets from a Cluster do not delete the Buckets permanently.
You will still be notified if your Cluster exceeds API Request usage and we will never automatically cut off your Bucket.

Add your first Cluster now. To get more updates and submit feature requests to us directly, join our Slack community and reach out to us on Twitter.



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