Introducing Cosmic JS Enterprise: Built for Business

Cosmic JS, an API-first cloud-based CMS API, is debuting its new pricing and service tiers for Enterprise teams. Built for the speed of business, the new tier combines all of the great features found on paid tiers within the platform plus enterprise-level features such as Automatic Backups, Dedicated Infrastructure and coverage by our Enterprise-class SLA.

Cosmic JS is debuting the new product tier at the request of corporations and government agencies looking to transition their content management stacks from legacy installed systems to cloud-based content delivery via CMS API.

Enterprise plans remain flexible for a la carte additions to be scoped on an individual basis. Clients will have expanded use of the CMS API and data storage, plus premium support from the Cosmic JS Enterprise Team. For more information on Enterprise Plans with Cosmic JS, Contact Us Today.

Cosmic JS is an API-first cloud-based content management platform that makes it easy to manage applications and content. If you have questions about the Cosmic JS API, please reach out to the founders on Twitter or Slack.

Carson Gibbons is the Co-Founder & CMO of Cosmic JS, an API-first Cloud-based Content Management Platform that decouples content from code, allowing devs to build slick apps and websites in any programming language they want.