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▶ Internal News

● Staff Interview: 10 Questions & Answers with David Park, CDO

1. Please introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is David Park and my mission is to build the best team in Korea that builds great services.

My former work experiences include;
1) Memebox: Global product manager, growth manager, Chief digital and technology officer
2) Facebook (HQ):
Product manager, engineer
3) Instagram:
Product manager, engineer

2. What is your responsibility at Cosmochain?
I oversee strategy and direction of our services.

3. Looking at your previous career, there must have been many job offers. Why did you choose Cosmochain?
Industry, vision, and team. I spent some time understanding the beauty industry while working at Memebox, and I love the industry. I think there’s still a lot of disruption to be done and I want to be part of that change. Cosmochain was the company with the most ambitious vision on where the beauty industry would go. And the team is smart and hungry to make an impact.

4. You’ve worked for developing startups. Do you see the potential in Cosmochain?

5. Many people are curious about Cosmochain’s service. Could you share the latest progress?
There are no additional update plans for COSMEE. “FitsMe”, which will include COSMEE’s review features, as well as product recommendation features and more, will represent Cosmochain.

Official launch of FitsMe is planned for sometime between late June and early July. We spent the last two months testing over eight different services across 50,000 users, and resulted on having eight out of ten people saying they would recommend this service to their friends. Upon test results, we’ve decided last week to eliminate features that are less likely to succeed in the market.

The testing process was not shared in details with the holders because we wanted to restrict the inflow of none-target users, and obtain authentic test results from our core target users.

Our big, next milestone is to consolidate our learnings and services into “FitsMe”, a one-stop information source for anyone who is trying to decide on what beauty product they should buy.

6. Objectively speaking, is the service development speed and release timing relatively fast?
After I joined the team, the two biggest changes were “no more updates for COSMEE” and development of “FitsMe”, a comprehensive service with high level of completeness.

These changes resulted in amendments to the service roadmap outlined in our Whitepaper. Our team is also preparing an updated version of the Whitepaper to be released along with the launching of FitsMe.

As for development speed and release timing, we are preparing to release our project in relations to the timeline of various business partnerships ahead.

7. How would you describe the philosophy of Cosmochain?
1) One dream, one team
2) Focus on impact
3) Learn fast
4) Speak your mind

Anyone who claims to know what they are doing are not pushing himself in towards innovation. Great product is built on the border of unknown, fueld by a deep mission for change, and grit to continuously try, learn, and reiterate.

8. Are there plans for global service?
Yes, we’re thinking global from the start. Exact schedule is currently being discussed internally.

9. What kind of team do you aspire to build?
Build a team at Cosmochain that builds strong, real value into the beauty ecosystem through technology.

10. Any last words to the holders?
Thank you for your trust and for your patience. Our team will try our best to create a great product.

▶ External News

1. On May 5th, CEO Howon Song gave a keynote speech on “Token Economy and Beauty Industry” at Blockchain Capitalist, a graduate program for experienced employees at Korea University.

2. On April 19th, CBO Juyong Kim gave a keynote speech at D.VIP Conference, hosted by a Korean blockchain media D.Street. The event was attended by 200 audience, and followed by a networking session between project staffs and holders.

3. From May 13th to 15th, CEO Howon Song and CBO Juyong Kim will be attending Consensus 2019 in New as an initiative towards Cosmochain’s global expansion, investment attraction, and potential partnership. Any details available for disclosure will be shared in our next issue of the Newsletter. Our team will try our best to achieve solid business results.

▶ Ask Me Anything

(Answers to the most frequently asked questions within our community)

1. Is the CosmoCoin airdrop bot event related to Cosmochain?
Please note that the airdrop bot event currently being held is not related to Cosmochain in any ways. We advise that users not to participate in order to avoid potential damages.

2. When will be the next offline conference?
During the last month, we held three conferences in Seoul, Busan and Daegu and hosted approximately 50 holders. As we held more conferences, we have witnessed decrease in demands. Thus, we do not have plans to hold additional conferences in the near future, but we will share various information through this Newsletter.

3. When will we be hearing about the May/June good news?
Currently, there are no setbacks to listing, partnership, and other business plans. However, we do not want to mislead our holders by sharing yet-to-be confirmed details. We will share all details after final confirmation through official announcement, and contribute to the creation of a healthy ecosystem.

4. Why doesn’t Cosmochain defend prices?
Cosmochain refrains from market intervention related to price, and believes in price reflection based on solid business progresses and achievements. If the company targets solely on price surge without internal value, it will ultimately result in a terrible price decrease, and an enormous damage would be incurred to some holders who have purchased at a specific time.
In this cryptocurrency market, prices fluctuate for unpredictable reasons. However, we truly believe that a good project can achieve a gradual rise over time. We hope that holders would support and respect Cosmochain’s own methods of achieving its business results.

5. What’s with the Noni sales?
Noni sales is an one-time event with the intention of celebrating the Family Month of May in Korea. It is not related to the various doubts raised within our community (sales of inventory, pyramid selling, etc.). Please think of it as an event initiated by our marketing staff who loves our holders 3,000. (The price is also 3,000 COSM.)

▶ Next This & That (May 24)

Our next issue will contain the following;
1. Updates on FitsMe service plans
2. Interview of Marketing leader
3. News from Consensus 2019




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