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Aug 23 · 6 min read

▶ Internal News

● Improving communication through new CMs

As of today, two new CMs who are going to manage and handle our community have initiated their job. These CMs are initial Cosmochain holders and will serve their best to build constructive and healthy community based on their experience participating in community for a long time.

CM’s work is limited to gathering holder opinons, deleting chats, and banning for a better community operation, so if you have inquiries and suggestions, please contact Cosmochain team through and be aware that we don’t reply for all the e-mails.

● About New CM

▶ 세호우 !
1. Self-Intro
Hello, I am 세호우!, who have been through a lot together with Cosmochain community, in both good and bad times.

I used to only invest for short-terms, but I became a long-term holder after I made COSM investment.

I am just like every other holders who try to survive from today’s bear market by meeting with the teams I invested in and seeking for other chances.

2. Reasons for applying for the CM
I really hope every COSM holders could have a happy ending with their investment.

The reason I applied for CM is that I was quite irritated with the Cosmochain community being a place for people who make fun of COSM price instead of a place for constructive opinons about project development.

3. Goal
Currently, holders with very different investing temperatments are holding COSM for different reasons.

It’s up to each holders to buy/sell COSM. However, please be aware that there are not only those holders who want short-term returns but also holders who trust the team and plan to hold COSM for a long-term.

4. Expectations from Cosmochain
1) I was really sorry to see the various problems caused by the absence of a community manager.

If there is a communication channel with the team while I’m a CM, I will contact them immediately to clarify the fact that the team can explain. I will also try to stop FUD if it gets too bad.

2) I believe announcements about business status and achievements are not quite professional. I expect that you’ll be much better in the future because you’ve been through it many times, but once again, please announce all the news after the final results are out.

5. Words to holders
We want to make a community comfortable for those who believe in the team and want to hold it at this tough time.

As far as I know, I’ll try to answer questions in any field, so please feel free to ask questions.

I hope COSM will be a happy ending for me and rest of the holders in the future. Let’s cheer up. Cosmoschain team, too!

▶ admin
1. Self-Intro

Hello, I got to know Cosmochain by chance as I used exchange called CPDAX and started to look into it in detail.

I made an investment after I learned about the company’s ambition to pioneer the future by applying blockchain to the field of beauty, and it has been almost a year since then.

Currently, I own a self-employed business in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, participate in offline meeting, and keep active in the Cosmochain community.

2. Reasons for applying for the CM
In the last couple of months, I wondered if there is anything I can do to help our community. After thinking about it, I applied for CM and decided to take the job without any financial compensation or any information from the company.

3. Goal
My goal is to create a community of constructive information, rather than a community like ours now where only bad writing is shown when a new holder joins the community.

Since I’m only responsible for community management, I will try my best to make sure that these things aredone.

4. Expectations from Cosmochain
I know we’re going to do this offline meet-up again, but I want you to give everyone a fair and even distribution of information. It used to be more transparent and authentic than any other project, but it has been in a lot of questions lately. I hope you’ll get along well.

5. Words to holders
I’m confident that I understand holders better than anyone else as I have been Cosmochain holder for a year. On behalf of my family-like holders, I really want to break the community away from the gloomy atmosphere. Cheers!

▶ External News

1. Cosmochain holds a “meet-up with holders”
We are holding a “meet-up with holders” in Seoul on Thursday, August 29th. We want to better communicate with holders through this meet-up, and it will be shared through Cosmochain’s official YouTube Channel.

Those who are interested in the event can apply to attend through link below.

Application Link:

2. FitsMe is listed on State of the DApps
FitsMe, Cosmochain’s first official DApp service, is now listed on State of the Dapps. Users / Volume index will also be disclosed soon. You can check them later through the link below.

3. CPDAX delising
We decided to carry out the delisting as CPDAX doesn’t support Klaytn Mainnet. For those holders who trade COSM through CPDAX, please refer to the announcement made by exchange and withdraw the COSM before September 3rd.

Exchange Announcement:

**If you withdraw from CPDAX to Upbit/Coinone, please make sure the COSM will be lost and cannot be restored**

List of ERC20/KCT supported exchanges:

▶ Ask Me Anything

( This is a collection of answers to questions and issues that have recently become controversial in the community.)

1. You said there will be no coffee chat. Then why are you holding a ‘meet-up with holders?’
Recently, many of our holders have requested to hold a coffee chat.

Initially, we held a coffee chat to communicate with holders in a close distance, yet unlike our intention, a FUD was created over time, which became the starting point of growing distrust. For this reason, we had to stop the coffee chat.

However, because many holders are keep requesting for coffee chat and meet-up, we wanted to move away from the traditional style of coffee chat and meet holders in a new form of meet-up as to share our vision and business direction.

2. I accidently withdrew my COSM from CPDAX to Upbit. What should I do?
If you withdraw to an exchange that has already been swapped to KCT (Upbit, Coinone), please make sure the COSM will be lost and cannot be restored.

1) If you make a deposit from CPDAX to an existing ERC20 COSM address at Upbit/Coinone, it will take a long time to recover, and recovery fee will also be incurred.

2) If you make a deposit from CPDAX to the new KCT COSM address at Upbit/Coinone, you cannot recover your COSM.

** List of COSM KCT/ ERC20 supported exchanges

▶ Next Cosmo This & That ( 09. 06)

We kindly ask for your support.

About Cosmochain

Cosmochain is a blockchain-based beauty project, that aims to build an ecosystem which enables the transfer of fair values between users and companies within the beauty industry. During its three-month pilot service from August to November, 2018, COSMEE recorded DAU of 30,000 and registered users of 150,000. Cosmochain’s official service FitsMe is scheduled to launch within first half of 2019. Cosmochain plans to expand to overall lifestyle industry in the future.

Cosmochain Official Channels

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Connecting users and companies through beauty data


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Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics


Connecting users and companies through beauty data

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