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Oct 18 · 7 min read

▶ Internal News

● Staff Interview: 10 Questions & Answers with Hyekyeong Kim FitsMe Product Manager

1. Please introduce yourself.
Hello, I’m Hye-kyeong Kim, who joined Cosmochain as a marketing intern for beauty app COSMEE and is currently working for the FitsMe Product Team.

I’m really happy when I look for cosmetics and buy them, so these days I’m preparing for my makeup artist certificate to improve my professionalism in beauty.

2. What is your responsibility at Cosmochain?
As a member of the FitsMe Product Team, I’m responsible for planning, operating, and marketing of app services.

I plan new projects for the next app thinking about what services users want, communicate through FitsMe’s various channels, and also work on a variety of operations as well as marketing projects for FitsMe.

You can just assume that I’m basically doing everything related to FitsMe.

3. What is the marketing strategy of FitsMe service?
FitsMe’s marketing strategy is to think from the perspective of a real user and to express the point of scratching their ticklish parts with advertising.

Currently, FitsMe’s marketing campaign is aimed at app installation.

Unlike other adds, the ads for app installation ads require you to install the app yourself, so the entry barrier seems to be higher. So we’re trying to create an ad that will make FitsMe more attractive.

Right now, we are advertising ‘FIND’ tab where you can find cosmetics that fit you, the ‘TRY tab where you can use your product for free, and the ‘LIKE’ tab where you can receive a discount notice for the product you want. These ads are more efficient than other app installation ads

In the future, we will also advertise features that will be added to FitMe.

4. Why do you think FitsMe is ranking high in beauty category for so long?
I guess it’s really because we provide the services that users want.

Since I’m very into the beauty and cosmetics, I’m investing a certain amount of money every month under the motto of “There’s no same makeup or color under the sun.” A concern I used to always have when buying cosmetics was whether that product would fit me. So many people are saying that the product is so good, but what about me? Most of the women will sympathize with me on this.

I think it’s because we released an app that recommends the product that uniquely suits me, which used to be the main concern of people who are interested in beauty, our app has gained a big support.

We’re planning to provide a more advanced and personalized recommendation services, so please look forward to it!

5. Do you plan to employ aggressive marketing through YouTube or other broadcasting channel?
We’re going to focus on installing Facebook and Google apps for a while, but we will definitely consider YouTube and other broadcasting advertising as the service grows in scale.

I can’t give you a specific date, but I hope you’ll get a chance to see the FitsMe ad on various channels soon!

6. What is the selection criteria for FitsMe Try event (cosmetics trial)?
Actually, it’s the most frequently asked question during FitsMe operation.

There isn’t any criteria for FitsMe Try winners as we just randomly select them.

But we are trying our best to give as many people a chance to win as we can. Some users often inquire about manipulation, but we are selecting the winners in a very clean and fair way.

+) To increase the probability of winning a Genie FitsMe event that makes you enter the desired product directly, please write down 1) the correct product name and option name and 2) the reason for your application! Often times there are users who put down their reasons in a very creative way, but I couldn’t choose them as they didn’t enter the name for the product option. It was so unfortunate.

7. Compared to other beauty Apps, what strength does FitsMe uniquely have?
FitsMe’s most powerful weapon is a TRY event where you can use the product you want for free.

I think there are a lot of other beauty app events held by the brand to advertise their product. But FitsMe’s TRY event consists of products that real users want to try, not just pay-in-charge events, and there are also other events where you can check the matching rate so that you can try the right product for yourself.

Often times, those events are also filled with my personal wish lists as I’m the one who plans the event. So I too think I really wish to have those cosmetics when planning the event. (I actually bought some while planning the events)

We are always working hard to promote a wide range of products as a TRY event. Please look forward to it.

8. What are you focusing on the most right now in terms of service operation?
It may be a cliche answer, but I think the most important thing in running the service is to listen to the voices of our real app users.

In fact, our app can keep on going as there are the users who always use our app, and I think because they affections for the app, they give us a lot of opinions.

Based on the various comments that you’ve given us, we are figuring out inconveniences users feel as well as the ideas that can be reflected in the next app service and ultimately reflecting them in the next app version as an actual function.

We also share your comments with the entire team and carefully examine them, so please continue to give us your feedback.

9. Are development and operation for FitsMe service being proceeded well based on the roadmap?
I think it depends on where you put your standard.

You may think it’s still far behind compared to those large enterprises where everything is planned well with enough capital and human resources, but I think we are developing the optimal service right now by learning from as many attempts in the industry where there are limited capital, people, and time.

In fact, I think all of our team members are doing their best in their positions, and we’re developing and operating services that may be a little different from the road map we’re planning but ultimately benefit our users.

10. Last words to our holders?
Occasionally, when I read the FitsMe app review, I see quite a lot of reviews that talk about token price, which is nothing to do with the app service. I know it’s the feedback you give because you care about it, but I think it would be a little embarrassing to see review section full of abuse and criticism for other FitsMe users who don’t really know about token.

Any feedback for constructive development of FitsMe is always welcome, so please give us a good opinion♥

▶ External News

> Coinzest closing of COSM trading: Friday, 25 October
> Coinzest closing of COSM withdrawl: Friday, 1st November
> Coinzest delisting announcement:

Following the delisting, please witrhdraw the COSM you keep in Coinzest to other exchanges or wallets which support ERC20 COSM ( before the suspension. The ERC20 COSM contract will be suspended, so the withdrawl must be proceeded as soon as possible.

Please note that if you withdraw COSM to exchanges which have already completed migration to KCT-based COSM (UPbit, Coinone, Bittrex), your COSM will be lost with no option for restore.

To support fast and easy token swap for ERC COSM to our holders, Cosmochain is currently working on business agreement with leading compaies who are operating cryptocurrency wallet service. Starting next week, we aim to build an enviornment where “24-hour token swap” is supported.

2. Week 2 contents for “Token Economy Booting Series” - DApp Operator
Our week 2 contents for “Token Economy Booting Series” aimed at helping holders understand Cosmochain token model, has been uploaded. On week 2, Cosmochain began minting for Dapp Operator

▶ Ask Me Anything

1. Is there any information board for company profile, token supply, and recent disclosure?
Information about Cosmochain’s company profile, disclosure on token purchase/burn, and token supply can be found at public disclosure platform, “Xangle.”

2. Why do you hold holder meeting only in Seoul and Busan? Please do it in other regions too.
Holder meetings are usually held in areas where many holders can attend, and if necessary, we’ll vote for places.

About Cosmochain

On June 2019, Cosmochain launched its main service “FitsMe” based on the 1.5 million data points incurred through its pilot service. So far, FitsMe is performing well, ranking 6th within Beauty Category of Google Play Store, with an MAU of 20,000 people.

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Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics


Connecting users and companies through beauty data

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