Cosmochain The 1st Meet Up Review

Jun 26 · 4 min read

Cosmochain’s 1st meet-up took place at Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam on June 21. About 100 holders and Cosmochain partners attended the meet-up.

Announcement from Klaytn

The first special announcement was made by Hoyoung Kang from Klaytn, Kakao’s global blockchain platform. Ahead of the official launch of its mainnet on June 27, Klaytn announced that Cosmochain will be the first DApp partner to start migration within a large exchange.

Cosmochain’s migration will be the first case of token swap to KRC token within a large exchange.
(*Token swap indicates a transition from ERC-20 token to KRC token, and this is the major element of onboarding process.)

Kang expressed his expectation towards Klaytn’s first partner Cosmochain, saying that the speed of its advancement is the highest among many projects. Cosmochain has worked very hard for the onboarding. Klaytn regards the partnership with Cosmochain highly important, and it plans to carry out more cooperation in the future.


After Klaytn’s special announcement, CEO Howon Song gave a presentation to look back on Cosmochain’s past.

Cosmochain, which was selected as an accelerating project of Hashed on February last year, received investment from domestic and foreign investors over the next two months. Since ICO on June 2018, Cosmochain was listed on Upbit and Bittrex, two major exchanges, and many other domestic and foreign exchanges. In addition, Cosmochain has constructed its ecosystem in the blockchain industry through partnership with Klaytn, Samsung, etc.

The pilot service “COSMEE”, which was launched on August 2018, showed strong performances, achieving up to 30,000 DAU in the pilot period. Moreover, with 1.5 million beauty data directly collected, Cosmochain was able to discuss with cosmetics brands on the establishment and utilization of an actual beauty data market.

On June of this year, the official service “FITSME” was launched in Google Play Store and App Store. It has some surprising results, reaching 10,000 MAU as well as ranking sixth in the top chart for the beauty category of Google Play Store. CEO Song revealed his high expectation towards Cosmochain, which is now preparing to advance faster than anyone else through a new partnership in the service sector.

Announcement from OKEx

Next, Katherine Deng, Foreign Business Director and China Vice President of OKEx, shared her thought about Cosmochain.

Unfortunately, she could not be here with us due to an unexpected problem with her visa. Instead, she kindly sent us a video.

Katherine said that she has been deeply interested in Cosmochain since last year, and expressed how impressed she was by Cosmochain’s work, including listing on large exchanges and collaboration with Samsung. She further announced that Cosmochain will be listed on OKEx in the near future.

Service & Global

Following Katherine’s video, CEO Howon Song further spoke about Cosmochain’s service and its expansion into a global service.

Cosmochain’s service is composed of beauty, data and blockchain. In particular, blockchain technology allows the ownership of beauty data to be returned to actual product and service users, and the utilization of the data enables fair compensation.

COSMEE is the first beauty community service that incorporated a reward system through blockchain. Token reward not only enhances user engagement, but also leads to the referral effect and increases marketing effectiveness. CEO Howon Song expressed his strong desire to expand the token model beyond the beauty community into other fields.

The current official FITSME service focuses on collecting more intuitive data, which recommends products to the users and lets them experience those products. Within Q3 or Q4, FITSME will bring in the token model, and the pilot service COSMEE will be merged with FITSME in the near future.

In addition, through the global service “Red Lip” targeting foreign customers, Cosmochain aims at collecting meaningful data from the highly asymmetric plastic surgery and skin care markets. Based on the review data, it is establishing the position as an information platform in Vietnam and Thailand. The pilot service is underway through partnership with major hospitals, with the aims of launching an official service within Q3 and applying the token model within Q4.

Cosmochain is making continuous efforts to expand the service into various fields. Through partnership, joint investment or acquisition, Cosmochain will collect data from different areas, and moreover, establish its own ecosystem together with many parties concerned.

Subsequent presentations will not be disclosed as previously announced. We will soon disclose the announcement on a separate media day or a press release with the partner company. Please look forward to Cosmochain’s future moves. Thank you.


Connecting users and companies through beauty data

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