The cryptocurrency wallet will speed up the popularization of the blockchain.

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy series, which aims to sell 300 million units annually in the global market (based on shipment), will be equipped with its own ‘Samsung Block Chain Wallet’ starting from S10 that was released this year. Expectations for popularizing remittance services are spreading. In addition, COSMEE, a blockchain based beauty information sharing service, is provided through a ‘Samsung Block Chain Key Store’ that can safely store ‘private keys’ that are necessary when using mobile services (dApp).

■Coinduck, online offline merchant payment.

Samsung Electronics linked a total of four services including Coinduck, Cosmee, Enjin Coin, and Cryptokitties through an update of Galaxy S10 software on the 8th.

Firstly, Chain Partners subsidiary Coinduck’s Ethereum payment service has been installed on the Galaxy S10, so it is now possible to pay directly with cryptocurrency in online and offline stores that have entered into a merchant agreement with Coin Duck. In January 2018, the company commercialized the world’s first “Coinduck Pay,” which can be paid through Ethereum at offline stores, and currently has more than 1,000 stores nationwide. This is more than the “Crypto Valley” franchise in Zug City, Switzerland.

“The issue of price volatility of the cryptocurrency is expected to be mitigated in the future by cooperating with Coinduck”. “We will improve the inconvenience that foreigners experience when using Korean shopping malls, just like the “Chun Songee Court” issue, as it is now possible to make cryptocurrency payments on smartphones that are widely used like the Galaxy series,” he said.

■Samsung, Goes for killer dApp

CryptoKitties, an Ethereum based game, and the Enjin coin, a blockchain based game project, were also named early partners of the Galaxy S10. Earlier, Samsung Electronics also announced technical cooperation with the Bluewhale, a global shared economic platform, to expand the Inde game ecosystem. Starting with Cosmochain, which operates “Cosmee” of blockchain based beauty social networking service, it is expected that it will also play a supporting role in vitalizing Token Economy (Blockchain based Cryptocurrency compensation system) ecosystem. This is because the Galaxy S10 supports ERC20 token lines that are issued by Ethereum.

“It’s a very positive signal to the industry that a global big company like Samsung has taken concrete action on the block chain,” said by the Bittberry CEO Chang Sung hoon. “The Samsung Blockchain Keystore alone will not increase the use of cryptocurrency, but if we work with services that connect companies and users like Bitberry, we expect the blockchain ecosystem to expand further.”

Some industry insiders predict that Samsung Electronics is looking for a “game changer” for blockchain and cryptocurrency industries by forming a variety of dApp ecosystems based on its Galaxy Store, which has been operated separately from Google Play Store and others. Although the mobile industry has grown smartphones into global products, its strategy is not to repeat the mistakes that Google and Apple had to make.

“As innovative start-ups have expanded the business model (BM) on top of that when the Apple App Store was opened, the blockchain ecosystem also has a clear BM and user experience (UX) that can secure many users, “we need to jump in with a set of well-equipped dApp.”

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