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4 reasons why people don’t want to go back to the office

I set up a poll asking people how they would ideally work in 2022. Of course, no matter what we want, it is always the employers and the government setting the rules (unless we are the business owners!).

Are you curious to find out why people loved remote working? Well, here you can find four reasons why.

1) Anxiety

The constant restrictions and lockdowns, as forecasted, they had a serious toll on everyone’s mental health. Some are extremely anxious when they think they have to go back to work. On one hand, some simply forgot how to interact with others, especially the toxic ones and on the other hand, even if they are vaccinated, with all this confusion caused by the media, they do not feel safe. Will everyone ever be fully protected?

2) Convenience

Let’s face it, it is convenient. Many people used to commute for hours every day. I once used to commute for two and half hours back and forth. This is such a waste of time and energy. The majority of people now have at least one additional hour every day to spend any way they like. An hour they can invest in relaxing, sleeping, exercising, playing, socializing, cooking healthy meals, or anything else.

3) It works

Micromanagers thought of remote working just like vampires think of garlic. They believed that it would weaken them. Employees also worried how teleworking would feel like. Nowadays, everyone knows that remote working is at least equally effective, if it is done the right way. Therefore people feel more confident now because they know it works.

4) They never liked it anyway

Most of all, the majority of people absolutely hate open-space offices. They provide no privacy and no silence. On the contrary, they provide unlimited interruptions and distractions. According to the Harvard Business Review, “when the firms switched to open offices, face-to-face interactions fell by 70%.” Giant corporations set a trend that mainly had downsides. The major upside was for the corporations as it reduced costs of separate offices or at least cubicles.

Remote working has never been easier and it is outrageous that we still see companies forbidding it instead of promoting and listening to people’s needs.

The poll was answered by approximately 7,500 people! 27% of the voters are certain that they want to work exclusively remotely while 51% said that they want to have the opportunity to go once a while to the office (once a month for example). 18% of the voters want to spend half their time at the office and half their time working at home and only 4% of the people who answered want to work 100% on-site. Impressive, isn’t it?

Our mission is to promote dos, don’ts, fair and creative practices and educate future leaders all over the world. Our vision is to create safe workplaces, free of any form of bullying, where everyone can express freely and excel at what they do.

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