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Cosmostation and Crescent Network Announce Strategic Partnership

Cosmostation joins Crescent Network, formerly Gravity DEX, as a strategic partner

Station on the Moon: Crescent

Cosmostation has now officially landed on the DeFi moon, Crescent Network 🚀

We are very excited to kick off this strategic partnership with Crescent Network($CRE), a sovereign decentralized finance(DeFi) hub rebranded from the Gravity DEX(decentralized exchange) on Cosmos hub. With this collaboration, Cosmostation will secure Crescent Network’s mainnet as a validator node operator and support the DeFi ecosystem with Cosmostation’s renowned end-user applications including Mintscan, Cosmostation Mobile & Web Wallet.

Key Highlights

🔑 Cosmostation is an enterprise-level, highly-secure validator node operator live since the genesis of Cosmos hub. With our years long expertise in node operation, Cosmostation will be securing Crescent Network with 99.9% uptime, 24/7. Security always comes first.

🔑 Crescent DeFi users will be able to fully leverage the whole Cosmostation package along their journey on the DeFi hub. For DeFi projects, seamless access between users and protocol is more than crucial for the overall network health and growth. On top of its validator node operation, Cosmostation will offer Crescent users various user-centric frontend applications with intuitive UIs in order to enhance the experience: the suite of Cosmostation products include Mintscan block explorer, Cosmostation Web and Cosmostation Mobile wallet for iOS & Android.

🔑 Healthy community makes healthy network. As a public gateway into the Interchain and IBC gang, Cosmostation will help Crescent gain traction within the ecosystem and various IBC communities. IBC gang, strong, together.

Crescent, a Moon-Shaped DeFi Hub 🌙

Crescent is an app-specific blockchain in the Cosmos Interchain ecosystem that aims to build a DeFi hub. Originally created by the experienced B-Harvest team in collaboration with Ignite (formerly Tendermint), Crescent DeFi hub was redesigned & rebuilt from the Gravity DEX on Cosmos hub. Simply put, Crescent is a better version of Gravity DEX, with a token.

Crescent DeFi hub is named “hub”, for it will provide an inclusive DeFi platform with three different DeFi pillars at its core: Crescent DEX, Crescent Boost and Crescent Derivatives. Connected to IBC, Crescent aims to ultimately function as an interchain hub that constantly generates great economic & social value within the Cosmos Interchain ecosystem, and beyond.

Crescent Hub: DEX, Boost and Derivatives

One of the biggest differences Crescent has from Gravity DEX is that it has its own governance token. $CRE is utilized for the governance of the Crescent hub, the ecosystem incentives and is distributed as staking rewards to users. Upon genesis, 200M $CRE tokens will be generated: 100M for airdrop and 100M for strategic reserve. Most of us are more interested in the first part, airdrop, so let’s take a closer look into it:

Airdrop incoming! 100 million $CRE will be distributed to $ATOM delegators, which makes up 50% of the total genesis tokens. Initially, 50 million $CRE are allocated for DEXdrop, which can be claimed immediately upon the launch of genesis. The other half is allocated for Boostdrop, claimable with using Crecent Boost — details to be announced soon.

👉 Check your eligibility for the airdrop & the airdrop amount here.
👉 For more details on the $CRE token economy, read the official blog from the team here.

Cosmostation x Crescent

Cosmostation has always been more than just a validator for its partners, as Cosmostation is for the community, and by the community. As a long-term backer of the entire Crescent community, Cosmostation will support Crescent network from the genesis with validator node operation and end-user applications including Mintscan and Cosmostation Web & Mobile wallet.
Cosmostation will essentially function as a 24/7-open gateway for $CRE, securing the network while granting users a seamless access to the DeFi service.

Gravity DEX will be gradually transit to Crescent hub, allowing users to seamlessly adapt into the Crescent network. Following the launch of mainnet, Crescent will eventually substitute Gravity DEX and continue to pursue the vision of building a foundation for ecosystem’s DeFi hub.

Stay tuned for new features and further updates on Crescent hub!

Cosmostation Validator Node is an enterprise-level network-securing validator node for PoS(Proof of Stake) & Tendermint based blockchains. Stake with us to earn passive income with security.

Mintscan Block Explorer: a block explorer proudly represented to exchanges & everyday users, made with sophistication.

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet is a non-custodial application, chosen by the majority of users within the Tendermint ecosystem. Download your app from these links: iOS & Android

Cosmostation Web Wallet: web wallet with Ledger hardware wallet integration.

Keystation Extension: End-to-end encrypted key management system for networks built with Tendermint. Open source, no installation, no hardware required.

Cosmostation provides a purely streamlined access to the interchain through developing a suite of user-friendly applications for partner networks we help secure as an industry-leading validator node operator and investor. Our interchain products ranging from Mintscan Block Explorer, Cosmostation Mobile Wallet(iOS, Android), Cosmostation Web Wallet, Cosmostation Extension, to serve as both a powerful set of tools for protocols/exchanges to onboard users and for developers/validators to efficiently navigate networks.

Github: Cosmostation Github
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Android Wallet: Android — Google Play Store
iOS Wallet: iOS — Apple App Store
Web Wallet: Cosmostation Web
Browser Extension: Cosmostation Extension
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Medium: Cosmostation Medium Blog
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a CØSMOS Spacestation. Comostation is a top-notch POS node validator for the Cosmos ecosystem active since 2018. Our line of products include, Cosmostation wallet, and

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